Watch Together

Watch Bible studies virtually with your friends and family

Stay connected with friends, family, and small groups by watching content together on RightNow Media. One person can play, pause, and rewind videos for the entire group. Everyone can use the chat window as the video plays, then discuss the video as a group with built-in video chat. Use this feature to learn, encourage one another, and grow in your faith.

New Feature: Use the text chat window as the video plays, then see your whole group and discuss the series with the built-in video chat function!

Participate in a Bible study with friends or family without leaving your home.

Ask questions and discuss the video in the text chat window and with the built-in video chat.

Invite any RightNow Media user to join by sending the Watch Together link through email, social media, or a text message.

Keep small groups engaging and encouraging even when you’re not together.

Available within your desktop or mobile browser.
Coming soon to the RightNow Media mobile app.

How to Get Started

Choose a Bible study session on

Log in to RightNow Media on your desktop or mobile browser. Choose a video series to watch and select one of the sessions.

Start a virtual group.

To watch virtually with others, click the "Watch as a Virtual Group" button on the bottom right-hand side of the video.

Share the link to watch together.

The page will pop up with a link. Share the link with other RightNow Media users to watch virtually with you.

Start watching the session together.

Turn your microphone and camera on to use the built-in video chat feature, then click “Join.” Once everyone is in the group, click “Start the Video” to begin playing the video for everyone.

Discuss the video with other viewers using the text chat or the built-in video chat function.

Enrich your group’s time together by asking questions, making comments, and having a full discussion when the video ends.