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Your All-in-One Small Group Solution to Stay Connected

Where groups go to plan meetings, share prayer requests, discuss content, and more.

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Built with Your Groups in Mind

Groups are about discipleship and community, which require connection. But keeping your group connected can be complicated. Not anymore with the Groups feature in RightNow Media.

Stay connected all week, with your communications all in one place—where meetings, prayer requests, and Bible study conversations can be shared. Centralize all your groups’ communications and scheduling within the RightNow Media app.

Plan Your Upcoming Group Meetings

Schedule your recurring group meetings, coordinate gathering details, and collect attendance all in one place.

Share Prayer Requests, Updates, and More

Keep prayer requests, praise reports, and general group updates in one place.

Continue the Discussion All Week Long

Continue your group’s discussion about RightNow Media video content outside of regular meetings.

Free with RightNow Media
The Groups feature is included with your subscription at no additional cost. Account owners can set up Groups for their organization today.


Organize Your Conversations

In addition to content discussions and direct messages, group leaders can create public and private threads for different topics so conversations don’t get lost.


Content Discussions

Groups can start chat threads about specific RightNow Media video content to continue their conversation throughout the week.


Centralized Group Management

RightNow Media account owners can create new groups, and group leaders can add or remove members and manage group settings—all within their RightNow Media account.

Ready to get your church started with this all-in-one small group solution? Account owners can set up Groups in account settings anytime!

...and that’s just the beginning.

Our dedicated team of developers is hard at work on even more new features to enhance the small group experience for organizations like yours. Stay tuned for more information on the general release of RightNow Media Groups!

I Want to Be a Beta Tester!

Quick Start Guide

Check out a step-by-step guide to enable Groups →

Enable Groups

This must be done by the account owner on a laptop or desktop in Account Settings, then Groups.

Create Groups

Account owners can do this themselves or assign a group manager to to create groups and assign group leaders.

Empower Group Leaders

Once a group leader is assigned, they can add group members and begin to use Groups as their primary communication method.

Manage My Group Settings


Is there an additional cost to use the Groups feature in RightNow Media?

No—this feature is included with your existing RightNow Media subscription.

How long will the beta test run?

We are currently planning for the beta to run for five weeks from mid-September to mid-October. If the timeline changes for any reason, we’ll update this page and inform all testers.

Who can request to be part of the beta test?

RightNow Media account owners must request access for their organization to be part of the beta test. If you aren’t your organization’s account owner, share this page with your account owner and ask him or her to sign up!

Is there a limit to the number of people or organizations who can be part of the test?

Yes, there is limited space to participate in the beta test for RightNow Media Groups. Once space is filled, we’ll add a notification message to the beta test request form and update this page.

My groups already use a different third-party communication system. Will we still benefit from using Groups?

Absolutely! We created the Groups feature to address some of the shortcomings of other group communication systems. Groups includes topic-specific chat threads, video Bible study sharing, seamless member identification, and no group size limits—all within the RightNow Media app that your small groups already use!

How do I enable Groups for my church?

As of April 22, 2024, Groups is auto-enabled for all organizations. Check out our Quick Start Guide for more information!

I have a lot of small groups in my church. How can I set this up for my church if I don’t personally have time to set them all up in Groups?

We get it—that’s why you can assign a group manager to oversee the group setup process and group leader assignment. This is a great role for your small group or discipleship pastor to take on.

Who can create a group for my organization?

Only account owners and group managers (assigned by the account owner) can create, modify, and assign leaders to each group.

Once Groups is enabled, can anyone start creating groups and adding members?

No—only account owners and group managers (assigned by the account owner) can create, modify, and assign group leaders to each group. Group leaders can then invite group members to join. Group members can only participate in groups they’re invited to join.

Who can join a group in RightNow Media?

Anyone who’s invited can join a group in RightNow Media! Group leaders and existing group members can invite anyone to join a group, though the group leader must approve the invitation.  

You can even invite non-RightNow Media users to join a group. They’ll receive an invitation to register for their free RightNow Media account, then automatically be part of the group they were invited to join.

Who can see my messages in Groups?

The only users who can see or receive messages in Groups are the group members in the thread. RightNow Media account owners, admins, and group managers cannot see the messages unless they have been invited to the thread.

What if I don’t want Groups for my organization?

Account owners can disable the Groups feature any time. Simply click here to go to your Account Settings page on a web browser, then select “Groups” in the left panel and toggle the Groups switch “off.”

If you have more questions about Groups
visit our virtual Help Desk.