The RightNow Media Story

The RightNow Media Story

Church History

Before RightNow Media was an international organization with hundreds of employees, it was a father-son team filming documentaries in remote locations about the work of Christian missionaries. While much has changed over the past few decades, our motivation has stayed the same: we exist to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all.

Where Our Story Begins

RightNow Media began as Priority One International. In 1977, our founder and his son began filming documentaries of Christian missionaries around the world, bringing them back to the U.S. to share with local churches. Over time, the ministry transitioned to producing small group video curriculum. As the demand for small group curriculum and church resources grew, Priority One began a new chapter as BluefishTV.


In 2009, our ministry became RightNow Media. And two years later, the Beta version of the RightNow Media online streaming platform was launched to serve church leaders and equip congregations. 

Our Present Story

Today, RightNow Media serves the global Christian church with a mission to provide high-quality, Bible-based video content for the purpose of discipling people on their faith journey. To show you how this is happening at RightNow Media, we want to tell you about three important parts of our ministry: our content, our platform, and our team

Our Content

The RightNow Media online video streaming library serves more than 30,000 organizations—churches, schools, and businesses—with more than 3,900 video series in our library. Here are key ways we've grown since the early days of RightNow Media:

  • The RightNow Media library has built our library from less than one thousand video series in 2011 to more than 3,900 video series—over 25,000 individual videos—today.
  • In the early 2010s, RightNow Media produced an average of 8 original video Bible studies per year. Today, RightNow Media produces more than 75 original video Bible studies each year worldwide.
  • In addition to original productions, RightNow Media licenses more than 200 new video Bible studies each year from various Christian publishers.


We are working to grow and diversify our content to serve as many people as possible. Some of our recent releases include The Book of Job with Francis Chan, The Cost of Control with Sharon Hodde Miller, The Book of Nehemiah with Eric Mason, and a new season of our original kids’ show, The Creators. Explore the RightNow Media Library to see more video content from trusted Christian pastors and leaders.

Our Platform

At RightNow Media, we exist first and foremost to serve church leaders and disciple congregations. As technology and trends progress, we want our offerings to stay relevant so we can reach as many people as possible. Over the past several years, we have significantly increased our investment in our app, adding new features like:

  • Virtual Groups for families and small groups to watch and discuss studies remotely.
  • Language options for the app and video content.
  • Downloadable videos to watch content on an airplane or in other out-of-service areas.
  • Audio-only mode so you can listen to content while driving or exercising.

We’re always working to improve our platform, so be on the lookout for new features! You can learn more about our current platform features here

Our Team

The RightNow Media team is a diverse and dedicated group of people who share one core belief: the mission of the church matters.  

  • Our U.S. team has grown from 80 people to more than 180 over the past 10 years. This growth includes 26 content team members responsible for creating Bible studies and 24 software team members responsible for developing our apps.
  • Team members are dedicated to our international partnerships and to our video library for businesses, RightNow Media @ Work.
  • We also have team members hard at work on our annual RightNow Conference—an experience created to equip and inspire pastors and church leaders. 

We’re so grateful for the hardworking, kingdom-minded people behind RightNow Media. You can learn more about our team here. (Or, consider joining our team here.)

Our Story Continues

Our passion to serve the church extends across the globe. In 2018, we began investing significant resources to reach and serve churches around the world. Today, RightNow Media has partners working on the ground in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the United Kingdom, India, South Korea, and Brazil.

In addition to localized versions of RightNow Media’s current content library, these international teams produce their own RightNow Media Originals. Churches in nearly 100 countries are now using RightNow Media, and we pray that number continues to grow so more people can hear the truth of the gospel. 

In the U.S., we’re focused on making RightNow Media more accessible through our partnerships with local African American, Spanish-speaking, and Chinese churches. We’ve learned so much from collaborating with new speakers, partnering with church associations, and listening to stories from the pastors in these communities.

RightNow Media as we know it today is truly a worldwide team effort. We’ve seen God guide us throughout every step of RightNow Media’s journey, and the current state of our ministry can only be attributed to God’s power, guidance, and goodness. 

We’ve loved hearing the countless testimonies of how God is using RightNow Media in your churches, schools, businesses, homes, and beyond. Thank you for being part of the RightNow Media story. 
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The RightNow Media Team

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