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When your church or ministry subscribes, everyone gets access to the world’s largest library of streaming Bible study content—including you!

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I want to tell you about a resource I’d love to see at our church: RightNow Media. It’s the world’s largest online library of biblical video content. 

Church leaders can purchase a RightNow Media subscription and share free accounts with church members. Would you consider scheduling a free demo with RightNow Media to learn more? Here’s a link to sign up: 

The RightNow Media library has over 20,000 videos on a wide variety of topics including marriage, apologetics, books of the Bible, and more. RightNow Media also offers content for people of all ages, including a huge selection of safe, entertaining content for kids.

Please browse the RightNow Media library and let me know what you think. I believe RightNow Media could be a great asset to our church. 

Thank you for all you do!


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