Spotlight on Korea

Spotlight on Korea

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This March, we are shining a spotlight on the content produced by RightNow Media Korea.

As one of the newest regional partners, RightNow Media Korea has been able to serve over 150 subscribed churches with a growing library of Bible study video resources and original content.

The Team

Through our strategic alliance with NextGen Global leaders, we were able to expand our ministry to the Korean community with a team of eight led by Ricky Kim. Located in Seoul, this team serves both South Korea and Korean churches across the globe.

Ricky Kim

Regional Director of Korea

Ricky Kim serves as the Regional Director in Korea through NextGen Global Leaders. He has served as a missionary in South Korea since 2006 and has been involved in regional and international ministries focusing on family and Christian education. He earned a Master in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a MA of Theology and Ministry at Luther Rice Seminary. Ricky is dedicated to serving the Korean community and the Lord through his work at RightNow Media. He is married to Seung Joo Ryu and they have three children.

YoungDeok Kim

Sales and Customer Success Manager

YD has been a team member at RightNow Media Korea since it launched in June of 2021. He went to school for marketing, studied music in grad school, and received his Master in Theology. His role at RightNow Media allows him to pursue his passion for serving the church by connecting church leaders and members to resources that support discipleship, leadership, and family through the RightNow Media streaming platform.

Studies from RightNow Media in Korea

Our library of original Korean studies continues to grow as we connect with new speakers and churches. Each of these series carries the heart of our mission: to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. Although these series are not taught in English, we invite you to take a look at some of their most recent original releases to experience how God is using RightNow Media content around the world.

풍성한 삶을 향하여 HYUN SUNG
내 안에 있는 예수 KI SUNG YOO


The impact of RightNow Media has already expanded far beyond its Korean churches. The content and video resources on the RightNow Media platform have ignited honest, biblical conversations between parents and their children in their homes. Church leaders have seen the dynamic between families change for the better, allowing for a more authentic connection with one another.


“RightNow Media Korea has been a great tool to use [not only] in their church, but also at home.” – Ricky Kim, Director

Other Regions Around The World

Our strategic alliance with NextGen Global Leaders has allowed us to expand our ministry to 5,000 global churches across 121 countries. See the impact RightNow Media is making in other regions around the world:


Our mission at RightNow Media is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before themselves and Christ above all. To see more original content with churches outside of the U.S., check out our International Voices library on RightNow Media.

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