Spotlight on Latin America

Spotlight on Latin America

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This month, we are shining a spotlight on our content from the Latin America Experience of RightNow Media.

RightNow Media has grown quickly since it first launched in the region in 2019, and the Latin American region now serves over 1,500 churches with our growing library of Spanish Bible study videos.

The Team

Through our strategic alliance with NextGen Global Leaders, the team in Latin America is the largest regional team, with twenty-two members supporting efforts in the area. The team is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they work with churches in almost every country in Central and South America.

Marcos Buzzelli

Regional Leader of RightNow Media in Latin America

Marcos Buzzelli is married to Mónica Licera, and they have four children. Currently a pastor, Marcos has served in multiple organizations developing initiatives of integration with the Bible. He has a master’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. Today he serves as Regional Director for the Latin American region through NextGen Global Leaders.

Adrián Toledo

Operative Director

Adrián Toledo serves at Iglesia del Salvador with university students. He studied digital business at the University of Palermo and has vast experience in implementing technological projects. Married to Lucia D’Agostino, Adrián currently serves as Operative Director for the Latin American region through NextGen Global Leaders.

Miguel Buzzelli

Resources Director

Miguel Buzzelli, married to Marina Negruzzi and father of two, serves as Resources Director for the Latin American region through NextGen Global Leaders. He is a member of the worship team at his local church and leads Bible engagement projects in Latin America. Miguel has a degree in labor relations and has counseled different organizations.

Studies from RightNow Media in Latin America

RightNow Media’s library of Spanish studies is quickly expanding with content produced throughout Latin America. Many of these studies are also subtitled in English and other languages so that Christians across the globe can be encouraged by the content. Here’s a look at some of the popular studies from Latin America that are available with English subtitles.

Mujeres que trascienden: Débora (Women who Transcend: Deborah)

Beatriz Freidzon

In the Book of Judges, we learn about a fearless woman who was a trailblazer in the history and culture of her time. At the time, it was totally unusual for a woman to hold the highest seat of power. Today, the reality is different. Women hold high positions, and many barriers have been broken down. However, difficult days are ahead, and the world will need a generation of Christians to rise up to take their place. 

In this six-session series, Beatriz Freidzon invites us to listen to the voice of God. Using the story of Deborah, she shows how we all have the opportunity to pave a way, write a story, exert an influence, and leave a legacy.

Cristianos de Cerca (Christians up Close)

Sebastián Ojeda

In a world full of falsehoods, there are few originals. It’s important to know how to look closely to recognize true originality. 

In this five-session series, Sebastián Ojeda invites us to look closely and discover the elements that make us Christians. He encourages us to ask ourselves this question: what are the characteristics of a person who passes divine quality control?

Parábolas de Jesús (Parables of Jesus)

Leandro Cornou

The parables of Jesus are the most famous stories in the history of humankind. Even people who know nothing about the Bible have heard of Jesus’s stories about the good Samaritan or the prodigal son. 

In this six-session series, Leandro Cornou presents six of these short stories, inviting us to discover eternal truths about God and his kingdom.


God is moving in Latin America through RightNow Media in the 1,500+ churches we are serving. Pastor Guillermo Robiglio, who pastors a church in Buenos Aires, Argentina, shared how the resources of RightNow Media encouraged his congregation during Covid lockdowns and beyond. When we asked how they are using the tools, he was quick to tell us, “Everything that RightNow Media provides is driving us forward and helping us fulfill the Great Commission from Jesus in Matthew 28,” from their kids’ ministry to his own studies. Pastor Hugo Pizano, whose church is based in Morelos, Mexico, shared the joy of meeting and growing digitally during the height of the pandemic. He was grateful for the RightNow Media resources, sharing that “in a very adverse context, we were able to continue feeding and caring for the body of Christ” through the video resources.

Our Spanish library continues to grow with teachers and pastors who embody our mission to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. If you’d like to check out other content we are creating with churches outside of the U.S., check out our International Voices library on RightNow Media.

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