Spotlight on Australia and New Zealand

Spotlight on Australia and New Zealand

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In June, we are spotlighting our content from speakers in Australia and New Zealand.

RightNow Media began intentionally serving churches and organizations in this region in 2020 and now serves just over 480 churches, adding more each month. These churches already had access to the large library of English content produced in North America, and new content is regularly being added to the library with teachers from Australia and New Zealand. 

The Team

Through our strategic alliance with NextGen Global Leaders, the team in Australia and New Zealand is small but mighty in supporting efforts in the region. The team is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Christie Gallen

Account Manager

Christie began working as an account manager for RightNow Media through NextGen Global Leaders in 2021. She comes from a fifteen-year career in scientific research and recently completed her doctorate degree. She considers herself an adaptive, lifelong learner, and her research training has helped her to become a tenacious problem-solver. She has also worked closely with pastors for several years, creating content to help local churches thrive and encourage people develop the kind of faith that inspires action in homes, workplaces, and cities. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two children.

Studies from RightNow Media in Australia and New Zealand

RightNow Media’s library of international voices is growing to include more studies from Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. One way we accomplish our goal is by sharing voices from around the world. Here are some of the popular studies from Australia and New Zealand available on RightNow Media. 

A Journey through Psalm 23

A Journey through Psalm 23

Brad Bonhomme

Join Brad Bonhomme on a verse-by-verse journey through one of the most celebrated passages in the Bible, Psalm 23. David—poet, shepherd, and king—illustrates in this psalm how God meets our physical, spiritual, emotional, directional, relational, and eternal needs. These truths bolster our trust and confidence in his goodness to us, both in this life and the next. In this six-part series, discover the depths of your heavenly Father’s affection for you. Rest in the presence, protection, and provision of Jesus. And join Brad in boldly proclaiming that you are under the expert management and compassionate care of the Good Shepherd.

How to Read and Study the Bible for Yourself

How to Read and Study the Bible for Yourself

Benjamin Windle

Nothing fuels our spiritual growth like personally engaging with the Bible. Yet, many people lack the practical tools to confidently study the Bible for themselves.

Filmed on location in Australia, this 5-session series with pastor and author Benjamin Windle is not just about giving you a spiritual meal for a day, it will teach you how to be a self-feeder for the rest of your life. Get the skills you need (that absolutely anyone can use) to read and apply the Bible in your own life.

Exploring Evangelism

Exploring Evangelism

Simon Gill

Evangelism is a great adventure—something God invites every single Jesus-follower to join him in. It’s about helping the people around us discover a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Filmed in breathtaking historical and natural locations around Wellington, New Zealand, this series tackles an often-intimidating subject in a thoughtful and sensitive way, while inviting us to embrace the excitement of stepping out in faith with our Lord.

The series is made for people with busy lives. The episodes are bite-sized—only two to three minutes long—so that they can be absorbed on the run, or as part of a daily devotional. The short format also makes the videos easy to re-watch for a quick refresher on evangelism essentials.


RightNow Media began strategic partnerships in Australia and New Zealand just before the COVID-19 pandemic. The timing meant that churches were able to get access to valuable video resources at a time when meeting in-person was either impossible or not feasible. Pastor Tom Hatch, a senior leader at Elim Christian Centre, shared how RightNow Media has helped equip and encourage his congregation during the pandemic and beyond. One congregant shared that he and his family watch RightNow Media studies during their mealtimes. “I’m loving how thought-provoking [the studies] are . . . The kids are appreciating having this input instead of all the fear from the news, and I’m always excited to hear what they picked up [from watching the studies].” Pastor Tom emphasized the importance of having a resource that families could use to “look, find, and be fed in a current and relevant form . . . and RightNow Media exceeds that!” 

Our international library continues to grow with teachers and pastors who embody our mission to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. If you’d like to check out other content we are creating with churches outside of the U.S., check out our International Voices library on RightNow Media.

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