Spotlight on the United Kingdom

Spotlight on the United Kingdom

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This June, we are highlighting the transformative content being produced by RightNow Media in the United Kingdom.

RightNow Media UK was launched in 2020 and currently serves around 620 churches. The team consists of three members locally and a marketing team stationed in Atlanta, Georgia. RightNow Media UK has released six original series over the last year and has plans for more to come. Thanks to our strategic alliance with NextGen Global leaders, we’re able to reach the United Kingdom through RightNow Media resources.

The RightNow Media UK Team

Studies from RightNow Media in the UK

The library of content filmed in the UK is rapidly growing with series on topics ranging from keeping the faith in financial uncertainty to learning to hear God through his Word. We invite you to view some of the recent studies produced in the UK and hope that this content will serve you well.

Big Yes, Little Yes, Healthy Maybe Mark Greenwood
Faith as Currency in Our Finances Busola Sodeinde
The Lectio Course Pete Greig


The impact and reach of RightNow Media in the UK are significant. Not only are churches using RightNow Media resources to help individuals grow in their faith, but they are also equipping their small groups with easily accessible, biblically sound content. Jamie Haxby, assistant pastor of Hope Church in Lancaster, explains how they use RightNow Media in their church community:

[We’ve] found it to be an absolutely fantastic resource for our church. We’ve been using it in small groups, our life groups; we’ve been encouraging people to use it on a personal basis, as well as in our kids’, youth, [and] leadership development. All across the board, we’ve found it helpful in so many areas of church life.

Church planters in the UK are also using RightNow Media. Misheck Manhanha, church planting lead at the Assemblies of God in Great Britain, shares the way RightNow Media is able to serve their members:

“[I’m] encouraging our new church plants to use RightNow Media right at the onset of their journey because that also helps them to. . . find great material that will be helpful for them as a new church plant.”

Other Regions Around The World

Being able to serve churches like those in the UK fulfills our mission of working with the global church to inspire people to love others before themselves and Christ above all. Our strategic alliance with NextGen Global Leaders in the UK and beyond has allowed us to expand our ministry to 5,000 global churches across 121 countries. Read more about the impact RightNow Media is making in other regions around the world:


To see more original content with churches outside of the US, check out our Around the World library on RightNow Media.

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