RightNow Media Around the World: Spotlight on Asia Pacific

RightNow Media Around the World: Spotlight on Asia Pacific

Around the World

This month, we are shining a spotlight on our content from RightNow Media from Asia Pacific

When RightNow Media looked to expand overseas, we knew India needed to be one of the first places we served because of their influence, accessibility with English, and growing need for biblical resources. In 2018, we created a strategic alliance with Nextgen Global Leaders to begin offering RightNow Media to churches in the Asia Pacific region, beginning with India. Globally, India is the world’s youngest nation, with over a third of the population under the age of twenty-five. India has the second-most English speakers, and it is the largest democracy in the world. It is an incredibly diverse country, with twenty-eight states and nine union territories, containing thirty-seven different cultures, customs, ethnic groups, and 19,500 languages and dialects. India believes strongly in “unity in diversity.”

The Team

From left to right: (NAME) (NAME) Binny Raj Kumar, Samuel Subbiah, Max Premson, NAME, NAME, NAME, NAME, NAME
From left to right: Anita Alfred, Paul Gideon, Binny Rajkumar, Samuel Subbiah, Max Premson, Rajkumar Dayalan, Sathish S B, Jeba Christopher, Naveen Kumar, and Annie Baptist

The RightNow Media team in the Asia Pacific region is led by Max Premson and is comprised of ten people, operating out of Chennai in southeastern India. The team serves churches not only in India, but also in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and more. Content from the Asia Pacific team is growing daily as work with new speakers from India and the surrounding countries. 

Max Premson

Regional Director of RightNow Media in India

Max Premson was born and raised in the city of Chennai, India. He is passionate about leadership, discipleship, and being an effective witness of Christ. Max was lead pastor of a multi-campus church before moving to a career as a sales executive. He became a senior leader in the corporate world and led for over twenty years, but continued to feel burdened to reach the nations with the Good News. 

When Max first saw RightNow Media, he loved the videos and started using them to train leaders. When God called him to move from the corporate world into ministry, RightNow Media had a place for him. Now he is excited to continue using his experience and expertise to advance God’s kingdom through RightNow Media in South Asia and the Middle East. He is married to Geetha, and they have two children, Aaron and Andrea.

Studies from RightNow Media in the Asia Pacific region

RightNow Media currently has over forty series that were filmed in India, with more on the way. Here is a look at the top three recent studies from India on RightNow Media.

Living on Purpose

Rajiv Chelladurai 

Being intentional about our goals is a well-understood concept in the secular and corporate world. Generally, people who are more intentional about what they need to accomplish are more likely to get things done and be far more successful.

But is finding our life’s purpose just about getting through a checklist? Or is there something far greater at stake? What should we do to fulfill God’s agenda for us, and how? In this four-part series, author, business consultant, and coach Rajiv Chelladurai helps us answer these questions by examining the “four Ps” of finding your purpose.

Teach Us to Pray

Ranjit David

If you’ve grown up in a Christian home or have had some exposure to Christianity, you are probably familiar with the Lord’s Prayer. Perhaps you can recite it verbatim. Or perhaps you’ve said it so many times that the words fail to make much sense to you anymore. 


In this eight-part series, pastor Ranjit David explains how the Lord’s Prayer is much more than a model prayer. Instead, it is a declaration that establishes God’s reign not just in heaven but on earth as well when we mean what we pray. 


Eventually, the Lord’s Prayer becomes not ritualistic dogma or a magical mantra but a deeply conversational, one-on-one appointment with our Father.

Law and Grace

Samir Deokuliar

Grace, mercy, love, forgiveness—these are core tenets of the Christian faith. Yet a journey through the Old Testament, especially through the Law books, also called the Pentateuch, can make us wonder if we are talking about the same God in the New Testament.


To our modern-day thinking, the Old Testament laws seem harsh, unyielding, and extreme—perhaps even fanatical. We may wonder: Did God really say that? Are the laws still relevant to us today? Which rules of the Old Testament should we follow? In this six-part series, Samir Deokuliar helps us resolve this dilemma by reconciling the seemingly contradictory theologies of the Old and New Testament.


RightNow Media is already making a difference in the Asia Pacific region. Pastor Mathew George of New Life English Church in Mangalore, India, shared that RightNow Media’s resources made an immediate impact on his congregation. One of their youth boys never participated in group discussions but found that he related to the testimonies and content in the RightNow Media videos. Since using the studies, this boy has begun to talk and contribute to discussions for the first time.

RightNow Media in the Asia Pacific region is constantly growing. Since 2018, we have added nearly three hundred subscribed churches in this region alone. We are also adding three new studies to the library this fall.

Our mission at RightNow Media is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. To see more content we are creating with churches outside of the U.S., check out our International Voices library on RightNow Media. 

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