Behind the Scenes: The Creators Season 3

Behind the Scenes: The Creators Season 3

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The Creators Season 3 is the biggest season we have produced yet—there are pirates, original songs, and even a karate showdown.

There is something for everyone in the six episodes of Season 3.

But filming Season 3 was bittersweet because both the cast and crew knew this would be the final season.

When The Creators first began, some of the actors had never worked on a show before. But by the end of this season, the young actors had not only worked on a show but acted in episodes from over a dozen TV genres, flexed their acting muscles, and even recorded their own music.

Series producer Lindsey McNally shared how the cast visited a music studio to record their vocals for Season 3. “Season 3 is the first time each cast member sings their own music—they have all grown so much as performers.”

Series Producer Lindsey McNally poses with a special guest on The Creators set. (Photo Credit: Chris Ablaza)

The weeks of production included laughter, birthday parties (facilitated by the cast members' wonderful mothers), and the joys of watching the growth of the amazing cast. The show may be coming to an end, but make sure to keep an eye on the cast as their careers continue. Niko (Art) and Sydney (Zoey) have already done some work together for Nike, and we are sure there is more to come from these talented teenagers.

The Creators gather on the iconic leather couch one last time. (Photo Credit: Chris Ablaza)

“This type of production was uncharted territory for RightNow Media,” McNally said. “But we took the plunge—in the chaos of 2020, mind you—and God has blown us away!”

“It’s so cool to see how many young lives have been impacted. I don't think any of us expected there to be three whole seasons, but here we are almost four years later.”

We have loved reading your fan mail and watching the videos you were inspired to create after watching The Creators. And, while Season 3 will be the final season of The Creators, we will never forget how the show has entertained, inspired, and encouraged us all.

Catch the final season of The Creators coming in January 2024! In the meantime check out Season 1, Season 2, and The Creators Christmas Special.

Special thanks to Chris Ablaza for capturing the making of Season 3 on a disposable camera!
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