Behind the Scenes: Love In Chaos with Bob Goff

Behind the Scenes: Love In Chaos with Bob Goff

Behind the Scenes

One day. That’s not a long time to shoot a RightNow Media original series, but it was all the time we had with Bob Goff to film his new series Love In Chaos.


As the senior producer, Courtney Davis spent weeks scouting locations, double-checking equipment, planning car rentals and logistics, and scheduling her team to make sure everything went smoothly. “We brought extra people to make sure we could get everything shot. We had people at multiple locations ready to go so Bob could get the shot and move on. We normally have more time—a couple of days at least—so we were ready for the shoot to be stressful.”

But, thanks to Bob, the shoot was anything but difficult.  

A candid look at our production team at work. (photo credit Lindsey McNally)

When our video team spoke about their time with Bob, they didn’t talk about the logistics of a one-day shoot, the California traffic, or catching connecting flights. Instead, they told stories about Bob’s cars (every car in Love In Chaos is one of Bob’s) and how four sailors, all of whom were also named Bob, taught Bob Goff to raise the sails on a pirate ship. Then, how the ship’s owner had to stop Goff from climbing the ship’s mast.

A difficult day became fun. But Bob was more than an energetic person; he wanted to get to know the people he was working with.

“Bob was so kind, so engaged—the Bob you meet in his books is who he really is,” Courtney said.

“He wanted to take pictures with us! We’re usually the ones asking to take pictures at the end of a shoot.”

The team poses with Bob in beautiful San Diego, CA. (Photo credit Courtney Davis)

We are so used to being wary of strangers or assuming the worst of people online that encountering someone like Bob—someone who genuinely cares for the people around him—is refreshing, life-giving, and makes us wonder, “What’s different about you?” There is something irresistible about a person who loves Jesus in today’s world.


What if we, like Bob, made a point to let everyone around us know that we care about them, even those we disagree with? What if we swapped the division of our culture for the love of Jesus? That’s what Love In Chaos is all about.

What our production team captured in San Diego became a series that will exhort and encourage Christians to get out of their comfort zones for the sake of the gospel. “We’re so used to getting on social media and just seeing a lot of arguing,” Courtney said.

“But Bob encourages us in this series to actively care for the people around us. Jesus calls us to love people who are hurting, and I hope this series helps us do that more.”

When asked about how long the shoot day was, Courtney laughed. “We actually wrapped an hour early, which never happens.”


To see what our team shot with Bob and to learn about how to love others in a divided culture, check out Bob’s new series Love In Chaos when it releases on July 25.

Bob on set and at sea for Love In Chaos.
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