Confidence to point people to the library as a trusted resource for their families.

“We wanted quality discipleship materials that were affordable and easily accessible as well as user-friendly. We got all of those things with RightNow Media.”

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Washington, IN
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Psalm 119, The Books of 1, 2, & 3 John
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Antioch Christian Church in Washington, Indiana serves over five hundred people in their congregation, led by a team of elders, including Associate Pastor Tony Ruble. In 2017, Antioch Christian Church subscribed to RightNow Media as they were looking for quality discipleship materials that were affordable, easily accessible, and user friendly.

Antioch Christian Church heard about RightNow Media through ministry colleagues and churches in their area.

“They all spoke highly of the resources found on RightNow Media, and after using the service, our entire staff feels confident to point our people to the library as a trusted resource for their families.”

Since subscribing to RightNow Media for their discipleship materials, Antioch Christian Church is able to:

  • Cut the cost spent on high quality curriculum for their entire church.
  • Resource their church members every day of the week from anywhere and on any device.
  • Provide easy access to relevant biblical content for all of their members.
“RightNow Media benefits our church family across the board. Adults love the Bible studies, kids love the videos, and parents love that their children are being fed biblical content. Our team of biblical counselors will also use content on RightNow Media as a resource for counselees. In our search for high quality, easily accessible content, we found that RightNow Media checked all of the boxes for our church.”
-Tony Ruble, Associate Pastor

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