RightNow Media helped the leaders of The Bridge Church plan and lead small group studies.

“The value of RightNow Media to what we do has been amazing. It provides our leaders with the framework to lead our small groups.”

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In addition to assisting leaders, The Bridge Church has seen how RightNow Media’s content has personally impacted the lives of their church members. One family went through a marriage study on the platform and saw significant improvement in their relationship as a result.

“Going through these sessions had such a positive impact on their lives and to see that come to fruition and the openness about it really helps us know that what we’re doing with RightNow Media is having an impact.”


Sean also works for a non-profit that is dedicated to serving at-risk youth. He was able to bring RightNow Media into his company, and not only use the resource to serve youth in their classrooms, but to also provide over 200 teachers and their families with content on personal well-being, children’s programming, and more.


“There’s so many ways that we can use RightNow Media and it’s been so valuable that it’s something that is a mainstay within our organization now.”


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