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“RightNow Media provides top-shelf training videos for both paid and volunteer staff. Getting the latest training from some of the premier leaders in the church is both a time and money saver.”

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Crossroads Christian Church in West Lafayette, Indiana serves over one hundred people in their congregation, led by senior minister Mike Duff. In 2013 Crossroads Christian Church subscribed to RightNow Media as they were making the switch to in-home small groups.

Prior to using RightNow Media in their church, the staff were concerned moving to in-home small groups would require a substantial increase in cost and accessibility for study materials.

“We would have to purchase numerous copies of the same video study or different studies depending on the groups. When you purchase study materials on DVD, you can only show it in one place at one time and only if you have a DVD player. To overcome this issue, you must purchase several copies or spend time shuffling the material from one group leader to another. Then you have to store them for possible future use.”

Since switching to RightNow Media for nearly all their small group curriculum, Crossroads Christian Church has been able to:

  • Save money by no longer buying countless DVDs that got collected and stuck in a drawer.
  • Streamline training for their staff and volunteers.
  • Have continuous access to up-to-date Bible studies from trusted leaders in the church.
  • Encourage more people in the church to lead, facilitate, and attend small groups.

“Those who facilitate the lesson have access to prepare from their own computer, tablet, or phone. This accessibility helps us recruit individuals to facilitate groups. It also allows each individual in small groups to access the materials if they are absent, which keeps attendance up because they never really fall behind.”

Crossroads Christian Church encourages their people to make use of RightNow Media beyond small groups and training.

“We also encourage all of our members and regular attendees to sign up and use the videos for personal study, family time, and even entertainment. [We receive] comments from members who use it at home and appreciate that the church provides such a service.”
-Mike Duff, Senior Minister

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