The Good Fight Church uses RightNow Media content as part of their discipleship program.

“RightNow Media has world-class content from incredible Christians across the world.”

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Yukon, OK
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The Gospel of John: Part 1
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The Adventures of Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent

The Good Fight Church is a church plant of about 140 in the Yukon, OK area. They have subscribed to RightNow Media since March 2018 in part because of the “incredible, biblically based content” on the site.    


“RightNow Media has world-class content from incredible Christians across the world.” 


Part of the appeal for Josh was how easy RightNow Media is to use as part of staff development. 


“One of the challenges that we have as a smaller church plant is having a good discipleship content for the people in our congregation. We had people who were willing to lead small groups and teach classes, but they were overwhelmed by the fact that they would have to create content. As a lead pastor, I was able to take powerful training content and put it in front of our team without having to do much other than click a button.


The Good Fight Church has also found RightNow Media helpful beyond Sunday mornings.


“The greatest challenge that RightNow Media has helped us with is having content that we can both give people throughout the week as well as content that leaders of small groups can use to engage conversations with people as they disciple new believers.”—Josh Laughter, Interim Lead Pastor 

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