Huntsville Church of Christ uses RightNow Media to serve every population of the church—from children and new believers to small group leaders and working professionals.

“RightNow elevating the mission and vision of this church.”

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Huntsville, TX
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January 2018
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Get Out of Your Head, Every Good Gift, The Gospel of Mark
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Bibleman: The Animated Adventures, Owlegories, Superbook

Like most churches, Huntsville Church of Christ serves a wide variety of people. According to Pulpit Master Jeff Dunn, “RightNow Media offered us something for every single one of those populations.”

Huntsville Church of Christ has integrated RightNow Media’s vast library of content into ministries for every life stage. The church uses RightNow Media’s Kids Library in children’s church and RightNow Media Bible studies as small group curriculum. 


“When we had inexperienced small group leaders, we could provide them with this resource and say, ‘Look, Francis Chan is going to teach your class; all you’ve got to do is start it and ask the discussion questions.’ They’re totally empowered by that because they don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.” — Jeff Dunn, Pulpit Master of Huntsville Church of Christ 

Huntsville Church of Christ was able to continue small group meetings even amidst COVID-19 lockdowns by using RightNow Media’s virtual groups feature. Jeff says RightNow Media “enabled [them] to connect and do things that otherwise [they] wouldn’t have been able to do” in a time where many individuals were isolated from their local church. 

“As we used RightNow Media, we could connect with our people and still provide them not only Bible teaching and spiritual encouragement, but we could keep the church connected because we were using the groups feature where we could lead an online discussion class.”

Huntsville Church of Christ members have also incorporated the RightNow Media app into their lives outside of small group meetings. Many church members use the mobile app’s audio-only mode to listen to biblical content on the go.

Jeff quoted a church member who uses the RightNow Media app on his commute who said, “As I’m stuck in gridlock, I’m actually studying the Bible, and I feel like I’m growing spiritually instead of wasting my time.” 

Huntsville Church of Christ’s subscription to RightNow Media is allowing believers of all ages to grow closer to Christ both inside and outside of the church walls. In Jeff’s words, RightNow Media seamlessly “integrates into what we’re trying to do.”

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