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Trinity Highland Tabernacle Church uses RightNow Media for Bible Studies

Trinity Highland Tabernacle Church is a multi-ethnic mix of people from all parts of India and other parts of the globe, reaching to an English-speaking population in our city. The church has also been serving business people from Europe, Africa and a floating population of students who come for higher studies.

Pastor Jacob Ninan is the Senior Pastor and a church planter who has equipped equipped and sent out 14 men of God who are Pastors today in India and other countries.

"We believe that God intends the local church to be a corporate display of His glory, wisdom and love to the people. Our desire is to lead people to know Christ and live by God’s word.

 "We were looking out for content that are systematic and as well as word centered for our Bible study groups and youth group in our church. Praise God that we were introduced to this beautiful tool through a dear friend and after trying it for a few months, I was excited at the humongous content from some of the leading preachers.  

"Initially, I had to spend a lot of time looking out for contents through various resources, I was excited to find all the content in one forum.  What I love about RightNow Media is every teaching is word centric. We have been using RightNow Media for our bible studies among the youth groups and cell groups.

"It has got excellent and contextual resources for everyone to grow in Christ.  I was overwhelmed to see the discipleship resources and profound teachings for small groups and youth covering a wide range of topics.

"Books of the bible study serious and the leadership contents are a great blessing to our church as well as to me personally. Each video is professionally produced and enjoyable to watch. My favourites are John Piper, Francis Chan & Louie Giglio.

"Thank you for providing such a wide variety of biblical and educational lessons to encourage the Christian walk. This will be a great blessing to the churches all over the globe."


Jacob Ninan

Senior Pastor – Trinity Highland

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