RightNow Media empowers leaders and families at Grace Fellowship Church.

“Our goal is for every ministry within the church to have a partnership with RightNow Media.”

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Ed Williams, Minister of Equipping and Pastoral Care, was hired on staff at Grace Fellowship Church with the goal of integrating RightNow Media into every ministry the church offers. 

When he was hired, Ed immediately decided to build RightNow Media resources into the curriculum for ministry participants and leaders alike. Ed believes that RightNow Media resources, like the customizable video library and Bible Study roadmaps, empower people to use their God-given talents to lead others. 

As an experienced church leader himself, Ed understands the pressure that often comes with a position of leadership. He enjoys equipping the ministry and small group leaders at Grace Fellowship Church with the RightNow Media video library to “accentuate what they are trying to get across to people in their classes.” Sharing Right Now Media with church members helps relieve some of the pressure on them so “they don’t have to carry the heavy load of knowing everything about the subject matter they are teaching.” 

In addition to “lightening the load” of church leaders, RightNow Media also supports parents by providing them with age-appropriate, Bible-based video content for their children at home or on-the-go with RightNow Media’s free mobile app. In Ed’s words, “RightNow Media provides us with content that families trust.”

Ed loves gifting free access to the wide variety of content on RightNow Media to all members of Grace Fellowship Church.

“RightNow Media is near and dear to my heart as a minister within our church body because we can freely give memberships away, which is a testament to RightNow Media as a representation of God’s kingdom. They have allowed us the freedom to win souls for the kingdom through this valuable resource.” – Ed Williams, Minister of Equipping and Pastoral Care

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