RightNow Media helped improve small groups and resource supported missionaries.

“We chose RightNow Media because of the content and the easy use of the content. People can access it anytime and anywhere.”

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Evansville, IN
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The Gospel of Mark, Different
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Ephesians: What is God's Plan?

Catalyst Church in Evansville, Indiana serves over one hundred people in their congregation, led by Senior Pastor David Whitmore. In 2013, Catalyst Church subscribed to RightNow Media as they were looking for ways to improve their small groups and to resource the missionaries they support.

Prior to using RightNow Media in their church, finding high-quality biblical curriculum was expensive and time consuming.

“The main issue our church had before RightNow Media was the cost and acquisition of curriculum. We did not know all that was available, and when we did find something we wanted to use, the content costed much more than we could afford.”

Since switching to RightNow Media for nearly all of their small group curriculum, Catalyst Church is able to:

  • Save money on small group curriculum.
  • Resource their church and the missionaries they support.
  • Easily access biblical content anywhere from any device.
“The customer service and active accountability from the RightNow Media team has been amazing. When we have contacted support to troubleshoot issues, we have been contacted with the exact help we need. Plus, RightNow Media provides us with data to help us increase usage among our members.”

Catalyst Church also uses RightNow Media to resource missionaries sponsored by the church.

“We actively train and encourage missionaries in other countries. RightNow Media has been great for not only our local church, but a great resource for those missionaries we support around the world.”
-David Whitmore, Senior Pastor

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