Staying connected with the Word throughout the week.

“Since launching RightNow Media to our church, I have found that people are interacting and staying connected with the Word throughout the week—people that may not have done so on their own.”

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Lowell, VT
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The Good Book, The Book of Colossians
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Boz, Parables

Lowell Bible Church in Lowell, Vermont serves over sixty people in their congregation, led by Senior Pastor David DiZazzo. In 2018, Lowell Bible Church subscribed to RightNow Media as they were looking for a way to connect their church to biblical resources, despite being in an unchurched area.

Prior to using RightNow Media in their church, Pastor David found that getting his people connected to the Word was becoming increasingly difficult.

“We are far from the Bible Belt and we work hard to keep our folks connected to the Word and our savior. RightNow Media has helped our members stay connected to the word throughout the week, not just Sundays.”

Since switching to RightNow Media for nearly all their small group curriculum, Lowell Bible Church is able to:

  • Resource their church members beyond Sunday mornings.
  • Provide easy access to biblical content from any device, anywhere.
  • Use curriculum on RightNow Media to complement Sunday morning teaching.
“I have been finding videos and lessons that complement the series and sermons I am preaching on Sunday morning. With the share feature built into RightNow Media, I am able to easily share content with our church members throughout the week.”

Pastor David has found that having access to RightNow Media allows his church members to take ownership of their faith with trusted content.

“RightNow Media is helping my flock stay connected throughout the week. I have found that people are interacting with and staying connected with the Word—people that may not have done so on their own.”
-David DiZazzo, Senior Pastor

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