South Side Christian Church finds new ways to serve their congregation.

“RightNow Media helped us be much more efficient when doing an all-church study and for the first time ever, groups could choose to have people watch the videos at home or come together and watch.”

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South Side Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois has been serving their congregation of five hundred fifty members for over seventy years.

They are highly committed to their community and their congregation, with a membership that spans five generations. South Side Christian Church subscribed to RightNow Media in October 2017 to offer new ways to resource their congregation with biblically aligned video content.

Prior to subscribing to RightNow Media, South Side Christian Church had a number of challenges in managing their Bible study programs:

  • The resourcing and training of small group leaders and Sunday school leaders rested fully on the pastoral staff.
  • Small groups and Sunday school classes had to plan their studies well ahead, and with little flexibility, in order to have workbooks and DVDs for all groups prepared on time. This led to logistical issues and scheduling problems for many groups.
  • Limitations in the follow-up content the groups could provide their members after Bible studies or sermon series. The Bible study leaders also lacked the resources and direction on what additional content they could provide members for individual study.
"RightNow Media helped us be much more efficient when doing an all-church study and for the first time ever, groups could choose to have people watch the videos at home or come together and watch. With fifteen different groups, they were all able to choose how to go through [the study] for themselves. It was the easiest all-church study we’ve done since I’ve been here,”
– Adam Lanter, Discipleship Pastor, on staff since 2011

South Side also saw an increase in personal Bible study and family engagement with content on RightNow Media.

For a small fraction of the total cost that South Side families spend on services like Netflix, South Side leaders provided RightNow Media to their entire church.‍

“Rather than sifting through a million podcast options, I have a huge library in one place where I can find anything I need or want.”
– A mom wanting to listen to content on the drive to work.
“I never saw myself doing a study like this with my daughter!”
– A mom excited about leading devotions with her high school daughter.
“He had never worked all the way through a book of the Bible before, ever, and RightNow Media made it easy and possible for him.”
– A pastor mentoring a seventy-year old man who had never done a book study on video. They did The Book of Ephesians study together. The man read the entire book, answered every question, and watched every video.
“It was significantly easier to deploy than I was even thinking, and it was widely embraced by the church. I knew that they had a vast library of content, but RightNow Media’s team stayed with us during the initial part of the journey to make sure that we were successful in getting it up and running, that we got it into as many hands as possible, and that we are trained up to use all the facets of the tools in RightNow Media. I know exactly where to turn if we have any questions moving forward. We love working with the RightNow Media team.”
– Adam Lanter, Discipleship Pastor, on staff since 2011

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