The Legacy of Maurice Mosley

The Legacy of Maurice Mosley


From Brian Mosley (President, RightNow Media) and Scott Mosley (Vice President, Software & Experience, RightNow Media) on behalf of the Mosley family.

In 1977, this ministry was founded by our grandpa Maurice Mosley—a pastor in Elyria, Ohio.

His vision was to use the power of media to put the spotlight on world missions. Priority One International was born, and our grandpa and our dad began traveling the world to film the stories of faithful men and women who were spreading the gospel around the world.

In recent days, our grandpa was diagnosed with liver, colon, lung, and stomach cancer. It was a surprise to us that he had cancer and that it had spread throughout so much of his body. At age 86, he opted to not go through treatments and his body declined faster than we expected. He passed away on June 3, 2023, ten days after his diagnosis, with our grandma (his wife of 69 years) by his side.

When he learned of his diagnosis his first thought was for our grandma—he wanted us to pray for her peace and comfort through this trial and continue to pray for her after he was gone. During one of the visits to the hospital, he shared that he had two choices: he could grumble about his diagnosis or be content in all things, including this trial. He chose to be content and thankful for the life God had given him.

At his core, he was an evangelist who always looked for ways to share Jesus with anyone around him. His passion for people was inspiring. This two-minute video captures his heart for the world.

Grandpa would often preach a sermon about having a dream, telling a dream, and doing a dream. By God’s grace and goodness, grandpa’s dream from 1977 came to life, and now—45 years later—Priority One has evolved to become RightNow Media. He was amazed at what God did through the ministry over the decades to serve the church here and around the world.

There will never be anyone else like our grandpa. He will be missed. We hope and pray to continue his legacy of passion for the lost around the world. We’re honored to keep his dream alive by serving the church through RightNow Media.

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