10 Studies from Black Ministry Leaders

10 Studies from Black Ministry Leaders


The Black Church is more than just the people—it serves as a specific expression of the Christian faith that we should not only appreciate but glean from.

The origins, traditions, and stories within the legacy of the Black Church offer a perspective of Christian history that many times gets lost and, therefore, so do its voices.

At RightNow Media, we not only value diversity but believe that Black ministry leaders have a unique perspective on Christian history and the gospel. Their experience and unique history can help all of us see the sustaining grace and deliverance of God in a special way. In our extensive library, you’ll find Black teachers and speakers in series covering race relations in the church, books of the Bible, Christian living, and even faith in the workplace.

Keep reading for a list of RightNow Media Original video Bible studies from Black ministry leaders.

Studies on Race Relations and Black Christian History

Through Eyes of Color

Lisa Fields

In this six-session series, Lisa Fields, founder of the Jude3 Project, walks us through the common apologetic questions raised by the Black community and helps us understand how to respond to hard theological questions concerning race.

Urban Apologetics

Eric Mason

Many young people in the Black community are disinterested in Christianity, feeling like the church strips them of their dignity rather than reminding them of their God-given identity. As a result, they turn to ethnocentric ideologies, revisionist history, conspiracy theories, and mystic cults. In this series, Dr. Eric Mason addresses twenty big questions unique to the Black church.

Walk Through a Book of the Bible

The Book of 1 Timothy

Dr. Charlie Dates and Rev. Dr. James Meeks

Join Rev. Dr. James Meeks and his protege Dr. Charlie Dates in this seven-session series as they explore the major themes in Paul’s first letter to Timothy and address the essential questions we need to answer if we want our churches to thrive.


Dr. Phillip Pointer

Exodus explores the foundational story of the Israelites and reveals an all-powerful, intimately personal God. In this six-session series, Rev. Dr. Phillip Pointer explores the major themes in the book of Exodus and helps us understand God’s redemptive plan for all humanity.

The Book of Nehemiah

Eric Mason

Whether we’ve felt spiritually stale or devoured by doubts, we’ve all wanted God to renew us. But what does spiritual restoration even look like? In this ten-session series, Dr. Eric Mason shows us how God renewed his people both physically and spiritually.

Studies for Christian Living

The Power of Knowing God

Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans believes seeking to know God is life’s greatest purpose. In this practical, six-session video series, he shares strategies and skills for how you can live victoriously as a child of God.

Work as Worship

Nona Jones

Many of us find our work lives to be hollow and lacking in purpose, but the joy of worshipping God can be experienced even in our secularized work environment. In this six-session series, business executive and international speaker Nona Jones shares how our work carries deep spiritual significance and is directly tied to our identity as God’s people.

God’s Uncommon Man

Tony Dungy and James Brown

Do you ever wonder what it looks like to be a man of faith? In this three-session series, sportscaster James Brown and former NFL coach Tony Dungy will teach us what it means to be an ”uncommon man“—a man who follows God faithfully.

Studies for Youth

Truth and Love

Marquise Cox

Join pastor Marquise Cox in this four-session series as he shows us how to speak the truth in love, wrestle with doubts, and talk about Jesus with people who disagree with us. You don’t have to choose between being loving or truthful—in Christ, we can do both.


Jonathan Evans

In this series, Jonathan Evans will walk students through the parables in Luke to teach what it looks like for God to rule our lives. Though a life sold out for Christ might look backward to everyone else, it actually points us back to how God intended our lives to be when he first created us.

Consider watching through one of these series with your small group or as a personal study. We want you to grow closer to God and thrive in your community with the help of diverse voices. God has given us all a voice, and if we want the church to flourish, we must lift every voice.

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Alyssa Gossom

Writer, RightNow Media

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