Washington Avenue Christian Church appreciates the ability to customize their RightNow Media experience.

“Our people are being helped by RightNow Media and want to help others, too.”

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Amarillo, TX
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Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis
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McGee and Me!

Washington Avenue Christian Church serves around 500 members in the Amarillo, TX area. They have been using RightNow Media since 2016 for a variety of classes such as senior adults, young adults, and with their children’s ministry.             


“One of the challenges that we face at Washington Avenue, and what drew us to RightNow Media, was the lack of many of our teachers feeling like they were qualified. So RightNow videos have been able to allow them to teach by being a facilitator and not feeling as pressed to be a teacher who understands all of it.


In addition to the library of studies already loaded on the RightNow Media platform, the church leadership plans to take advantage of the customizable RNM experience. They plan to create unique content for training and devotions that can be sent to leaders and church members. They also hope to add their own sermons to their personal library each week, so their people can access everything in one place. 


“Our people are being helped by RightNow Media and want to help others, too.”—Lennie McCay, Discipleship Pastor

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