Everyday the RightNow team has the awesome privilege of serving the Church. Team members can strive to be traders in the office while on the job. Though work as worship applies to any career, we have the distinct opportunity on the RightNow team to worship God through our work AND to know that our work is making an eternal impact directly on the Church.

We want to encourage our team members to strive to be a trader outside the RightNow office walls. A trader is someone who chooses daily to follow Jesus and someone who hates injustice. The Executive Team is providing an incentive to encourage our team to grow in these two areas.


RightNow will pay up to $200 towards the registration fee for a Christian conference related to marriage, parenting, ministry, or general spiritual development. It's important to carve out intentional time to focus on how God would have us to live during different life stages.
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If you have been on our team for a year or longer, you have the opportunity to receive a scholarship and PTO towards an international mission trip.  We will consider a scholarship of $500 and 2.5 days of PTO for team members who have worked with us between one and two years.  For team members who have been here over two years we will consider a scholarship of $1000 and 5 days of PTO.  Serving overseas can be an incredible opportunity to see God at work in another culture. The trip has to be gospel-focused and overseas. Brian Mosley and your Executive Team leader will be reviewing those applications.
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