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Youth ministry is hard.

But we think it just got a little easier...

Youth bible study

We’ve been working with youth ministry leaders for decades and we know all too well how difficult your job can be. So to help you keep your sanity and still effectively minister to the students in your youth group or family ministry, we’ve designed a year-long roadmap of resources on RightNow Media.

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All the Bible study videos in this roadmap are a part of your church’s RightNow Media subscription. Many of the studies also include helpful resources and handouts for your youth group.

In-Person or Virtual

You can use these Bible studies in person or go through them virtually using the RightNow Media Groups feature.

Plenty of Variety

We have intentionally selected resources with four categories in mind:
  Life Application
  Scripture Study


You can use this roadmap as is or customize it by swapping out Bible studies according to the needs of your students. We’ve provided various options for each category mentioned above.

it’s pretty simple

Over the course of this school year, you’ll be able to deliver biblical teaching to all of your students on the topics of discipleship, life application, outreach, and scripture study without breaking a sweat.

Ready to get started?

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