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Our mission is to develop leaders and care for your employees.

President's Story

It was the summer of 1998 and I had just spent the past four weeks in Tanzania, filming a documentary about a missionary team living in a remote part of Africa.

It was my first time overseas and I loved it.

During the flight home, I remember praying, "God how can I do more of that? I want my life to count, and I want to do something significant for you right now.”

In my young, naïve mind, the best way to have an impact for Christ was to be a pastor or missionary, or to be involved in full-time ministry work. Eventually, my view of "ministry" began growing beyond the typical pastor or missionary role. Where we live doesn’t make us missionaries. The mission we are on makes us missionaries. For those who follow Jesus, we have a mission to love God and love others in whatever career, home, and neighborhood God has placed us.

RightNow Media’s mission is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all.

To be clear, “the church” is not just a building with a steeple, but the people who are following Jesus. For those in leadership in the workplace, there is a tremendous opportunity to be Christ-like to the team around us. Our RightNow Media @ Work library is an opportunity to serve people with content to meet their emotional health, relationship questions, personal development, and also their spiritual health.

We root everything we do in the belief that the church—God’s people—can have a powerful impact on this world. We firmly believe the mission of the church matters.

Brian Mosley
RightNow Media

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