First United Bank

First United Bank leverages RightNow Media @ Work to provide faith-driven content for employees and their families.

First United Bank, headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma, is a banking institution that specializes in commercial and personal banking. Spend Life Wisely Coordinator, Paige Smith, launched RightNow Media @ Work in 2018 to provide employees and their families with faith-driven content.

Faith is not only one of our company's values, it's also one of our four pillars of Spend Life Wisely, and we use RightNow Media @ Work as our main resource for faith-based content.


Since launching RightNow Media @ Work for their employees,First United Bank has been able to:

•          Offer a content solution for First United’s Pillar of Faith.

•          Touch other organizational values through a variety of content topics.

•          Provide instant access for employees to enjoy from their desktop and mobile devices, plus share with their families.

We appreciate that it has provided content for our other three pillars as well. We also love that there is a broad range of content.


First United employees have also formed their own small groups within the organization using content from RightNow Media @ Work toguide them.

Several of our employees have taken the initiative to create their own Bible study groups in the workplace and they useRightNow Media @ Work  for the content.
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