Ministry by Text

RightNow Media @ Work offers Ministry by Text a broad range of content and Bible study topics to review as a team.

Ministry by Text, headquartered in McKinney, Texas, provides gospel-centered communication solutions to support the global church. Director of Operations, Michael Cantrell, launched RightNow Media @ Work in 2022 because of the variety of content on the platform.

RightNow Media has allowed us to diversify the content we go through together. It also allows us to pick specific topics to review that we may also be experiencing asa company. 

Since launching RightNow Media @ Work for their employees, Ministry by Text has been able to:

We use RightNow Media @  Work to conduct our weekly Bible study we've been doing every Monday morning to kick off the work week.

Ministry by Text was even able to connect with RightNowMedia @ Work speaker, William Subash and collaborate with him to launch a non-profit.

We are partnered with him to start a non-profit that has now sent almost 100 kids to school, given them a meal every day, and surrounded them with the word of God.
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