How to Share the Gospel Story

The Gospel Narrative

If we believe that the gospel is about Christ redeeming everything wrong in the universe, then we have to share a bigger story than Christ died for our sins. In two videos, Zach Lee powerfully recounts the narrative of Scripture—from creation to restoration—to encourage Christians to teach the gospel in its fullness. Zach Lee is a Groups Pastor at The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

How do you share the gospel with others? Do you focus more on personal salvation or the story of the Bible? Why?
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Zach said that the message of the gospel is about the kingdom of God. In this first video, he narrated three scenes of the biblical story to show us why it is about the kingdom:

1. God's Kingdom Reigns: In the beginning was the King who created all things—galaxies, planets, earth, trees, people—for His glory. He ruled over everything and created man to bear His image and rule on earth.

2. Rebellion in God’s Kingdom: Man rebelled, wanting to be autonomous. There was opposition in the kingdom and the result was a cursed and broken world.

3. Beginning of Redemption: God wanted to see the world made right again and enacted a rescue plan through Abraham, promising that all the nations would be blessed through his offspring. But they were also unfaithful to God, falling under His just condemnation, and needed rescuing themselves.

How does the truth that you not only look like God as an image bearer, but are tasked to represent Him and rule His kingdom on earth change the way you think about image bearing? In what ways does your life embody kingdom ethics?
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Describe some of the brokenness you see in yourself, your relationships, your community, and the world as a result of man’s rebellion and sin. What do you learn about God when you realize that He had every right to destroy to world at the Fall and did not?
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Adam failed, Israel failed, and we have, too. Where do you see idolatry and pride manifest in your heart and life? What could be some people or things you worship more than God?
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Thankfully, God does not leave us hopeless in our sin. In this video, Zach continues to gospel narrative to reveal God’s rescue plan for us. 

In this second video, Zach described how God reestablished His perfect rule over the cosmos and reconciled the world to Himself through Christ:

4. Jesus, the King: God himself came to earth in Jesus to do what Adam and Israel failed to do. He kept God’s commands, preached the message of the kingdom, reversed effects of the curse, took our punishment for sin, and defeated death. 

5. Call to Join God’s Kingdom: We become citizens of the kingdom when we repent of our sin and put our faith in King Jesus.

6. Jesus Returns to Complete the Work: Christ will return one day to bring the kingdom of God to earth. Darkness will be no more and followers of Christ will live as citizens in a perfect kingdom.

What are some biblical examples of Jesus reversing the effects of the curse? Why was God just in killing Jesus?
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If you have professed faith in Christ, you are a citizen in the kingdom of God. How does that truth impact the way you think about your life on earth and eternity to come?
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Had you ever heard the gospel described in this way? What impacted you the most and why? In what ways does this narrative help to break down the sacred/secular divide?
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Zach encouraged us to share this gospel story with others, helping them see their role and King Jesus as not just the Lord of their hearts but the Lord of their lives, the universe, and everything that exists. May He give us grace as we seek to teach the gospel in is fullness.