Gospel-Centered Parenting

2012 The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

We teach our children to be good, but is that really the point? In this 50-minute session from the 2012 TGC Women’s Conference, Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter, Jessica Thompson, describe how the death and resurrection of Jesus influence both the principle and practice of parenting.  

Elyse Fitzpatrick earned a Masters in Biblical Counseling. She is a frequent conference speaker and the author of numerous books. She and daughter Jessica Thompson have co-authored two books on parenting: Give them Grace and Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Questions. 

How would you describe your parenting? What is most encouraging and most intimidating to you about this gospel-centered approach to parenting?
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Elyse and Jessica challenged parents to focus less on rules and more on the righteousness of Christ. What might this look like in your home on a daily basis? What could you do different to help your kids understand that they will never be good enough, but Christ is?
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How could you be more honest with your kids about your own failures to do good, and your need for Christ? How do you think they would respond, and how might it compel obedience?
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When do you the successes and failures of your kids affect how you feel about yourself? How does the Cross free you from finding your worth in your kids and your role as their parent?
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Elyse said, “The point of the law in your children’s lives is not to make them good. It is to drive them to Christ. To make them thankful for Christ’s perfect keeping of it, and then show them what gratitude looks like.” 

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