Managing Our Finances God's Way Crown Financial Ministries
Managing Our Finances God's Way
Crown Financial Ministries
1. The Big Picture 28 MINS
2. Dedicate It All to God 19 MINS
3. Plan Your Spending 16 MINS
4. Giving as an Act of Worship 20 MINS
5. Saving and Investing 21 MINS
6. God's Solution to Debt 17 MINS
7. Enjoy What God Has Given You 16 MINS
8. How to Become a Follower of ... 13 MINS
Did you know there are over 2,350 verses in the Bible about money? Did you know that nearly half of Jesus' parables are about possessions?

The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. In fact, Jesus had more to say about money than about heaven and hell combined.

Co-developed with Purpose Driven Ministries and Pastor Rick Warren, this seven-week, video-based, small group study, provides another option for studying biblical financial management in a personal or small group setting.

Topics include:
  • The Big Picture by Rick Warren
  • Dedicate It All to God by Chip Ingram
  • Plan Your Spending by Ron Blue
  • Giving as an Act of Worship by Chip Ingram
  • Saving and Investing by Ron Blue
  • God's Solution to Debt by Howard Dayton
  • Enjoy What God Has Given You by Chuck Bentley
  Managing Our Finances God's Way - DVD
  Managing Our Finances God's Way - Book
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Crown Financial Ministries
Don't be fooled. Getting out of debt or on a budget can't change your life. A healthy 401k can't change your life. A renewed U.S. economy can't change your life.

But discovering and living in God's economy can change everything!

Chuck Bentley walks you through 9 brief lessons that explain how 3 principles: Lordship, Stewardship and Generosity working in synergy impact every area of your life.

When you practice these principles, you will see changes in your marriage and relationships, in your career or studies, in your prayer life and church involvement In this unique message, you'll learn:

  • • How we engage in man's economy without even realizing it
  • • The flaws in man's economy
  • • How lordship, stewardship, and generosity interrelate
  • • The view from heaven of our global financial crisis
  • • Where your financial health and your spiritual health intersect
  • • What makes man's economy “unfair”
1. Session 1 11 MINS
2. Session 2 11 MINS
3. Session 3 9 MINS
4. Session 4 12 MINS
5. Session 5 13 MINS
6. Session 6 10 MINS
7. Session 7 14 MINS
8. Session 8 12 MINS
9. Session 9 15 MINS
Crown Financial Ministries
From motivating true stories of great perseverance to insightful teaching to deeply introspective self-study, the MoneyLife finance study is designed to help you overcome financial challenges to help you gain a life of meaning and purpose. It is a highly relational biblical financial study intended to create interaction among group members that will foster mutual support and accountability for the entire group. This study provides solutions for both the symptoms and the root cause of your financial problems once and for all. Combining solid biblical teaching, powerful online tools, and hands-on practical experiences, the MoneyLife finance study is a 10-week journey with the potential to change not only your finances but also your life. The MoneyLife finance study will help you: -

  • Understand God's financial principles
  • Obtain hope and deepen your faith
  • Grow in your generosity
  • Ditch debt permanently
  • Create a solid, reasonable financial plan for your life
  • Make confident financial decisions
  • Develop new attitudes and habits related to money and possessions
  • Save and invest for the future
  • Impart financial wisdom to your children
God's financial principles are timeless, and those are reinforced by a powerful package of online tools. The MoneyLife planner suite of resources are incorporated in the study and are designed to give you solid ways to assess your situation, create a plan to meet your financial goals, and keep you on track to meet those goals.
1. Unwavering Hope 7 MINS
2. The Plan 6 MINS
3. Ditching Debt 7 MINS
4. Save It 7 MINS
5. Investing 6 MINS
6. Good Work 6 MINS
7. Generous Living 7 MINS
8. Pay It Forward 6 MINS
9. Truely Rich 6 MINS
10. The Choice 5 MINS
11. The Closing 3 MINS
Crown Financial Ministries
Six Epic Short Films...One Timeless Message

Throughout history, people have wrestled with the concept of trusting God to meet their needs versus relying on their own efforts, other people, money, or other things society has to offer.

Thankfully, through stirring accounts and parables found in the Bible, God reveals how He wants to be our Provider above anything else. These relevant stories present us wisdom, truth, encouragement and practical steps we can take to develop and deepen a relationship of trust with the God of the universe.

The God Provides Learning Experience offers a rich, dramatic journey through six theater-quality, epic short films and printed Companion Guide that can be used for individual or group study in a variety of ways—homes, businesses, churches, academic institutions, and more.
Trailer 4 MINS
1. Widow and Oil 19 MINS
2. Abram's Reward 24 MINS
3. Abraham and Isaac 27 MINS
4. Jeremiah's Call 22 MINS
5. Rich Man and Lazarus 22 MINS
6. Lifted Up 26 MINS
Crown Financial Ministries
Quick. Help. Now. Sounds like everyday life doesn't it?
Financially speaking, one of the best "quick, help, now" things you can do to reach your financial goals is to create and follow a spending plan. It's not about restraining you – it's about freeing you! But, where do you start?

In less than two hours, Creating a Spending Plan provides quick, practical help by applying God's wisdom.

What you will learn:
  • Why a plan can be your best offensive strategy
  • The best way to get started
  • Practical tips and techniques for success
  • How to live and achieve your goals
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 23 MINS
2. Creating Your Plan 1 HR 7 MINS
3. A Personal Invitation 3 MINS
Crown Financial Ministries
Face the Fear. Attack the Debt. Be Free.

If you think about it, the cover of this package could illustrate both scenarios – a life vulnerable to a mounting flood of debt, or a life rising above it toward a stronger financial position. Which best describes your current situation?

There's no denying that debt takes a toll on us financially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. That's why this study is so crucial! In less than two hours, the Eliminating Debt video study will help you create a plan to attack your debt and be free from the dangers of debt dependence.

Main topics covered:
  • Five reasons why people dive too deep into debt
  • Steady, practical ways to eliminating debt
  • How to address special issues like credit scores, dealing with creditors, and bankruptcy
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 17 MINS
2. Eliminating Debt 1 HR 13 MINS
3. A Personal Invitation 3 MINS
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