Exploring Evangelism Simon Gill
Exploring Evangelism
Simon Gill
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Prayer (Radar Dome) 4 MINS
2. Good Deeds (Lighthouse) 3 MINS
3. Listening (Radio Station) 3 MINS
4. Questions (Secret Weapon) 4 MINS
5. Gospel (Powerstation) 4 MINS
6. Compassion (Rail Trail) 3 MINS
7. Invitation (Mountain Trail) 3 MINS
8. Stories (Campfire) 3 MINS
9. Becoming New (Fishing Boat) 4 MINS
Evangelism is a great adventure - something God invites every single Jesus-follower to join Him in. It’s about helping the people around us discover a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Filmed in breathtaking historical and natural locations around Wellington, New Zealand, this series tackles an often intimidating subject in a thoughtful and sensitive way, while inviting us to embrace the excitement of stepping out with our Lord.

Exploring Evangelism is designed to equip us for action. Each episode includes lessons from the Bible, questions for personal reflection or group discussion, and practical tools to help anyone join the journey, regardless of personality, age or ability.

The series is made for people with busy lives. Episodes are bite-sized - only two to three minutes - so that they can be absorbed on the run, or as part of a daily devotion. The short format also makes the videos easy to re-watch for a quick refresher on evangelism essentials.

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