The Real God Chip Ingram
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1. Family Devo - Vending Machine - ... 5 MINS
2. Family Devo - Lost Dog - The ... 3 MINS
3. Family Devo - Micro Macro - The ... 3 MINS
4. Family Devo - The Arrow - The ... 4 MINS
5. Family Devo - Frozen Moment - ... 2 MINS
6. Family Devo - Closed Circuit - ... 3 MINS
7. Family Devo - Lost and Found - ... 3 MINS
8. Family Devo - Exploding ... 3 MINS
9. Small Group Session 1 - Seeking ... 22 MINS
10. Small Group Session 2 - ... 21 MINS
11. Small Group Session 3 - ... 23 MINS
12. Small Group Session 4 - ... 19 MINS
13. Small Group Session 5 - Wisdom 22 MINS
14. Small Group Session 6 - Justice 26 MINS
15. Small Group Session 7 - Love 22 MINS
16. Small Group Session 8 - ... 26 MINS
17. Sermon Bumper 1 1 MIN
18. Sermon Bumper 2 - Goodness 1 MIN
19. Sermon Bumper 3 - Sovereignty 1 MIN
20. Sermon Bumper 4 - Holiness 1 MIN
21. Sermon Bumper 5 - Wisdom 1 MIN
22. Sermon Bumper 6 - Justice 1 MIN
23. Sermon Bumper 7 - Love 1 MIN
24. Sermon Bumper 8 - Faithfulness 1 MIN
There is a deep sense of unease in our rapidly changing world. Our distorted view of God is at the root of all our problems. Join Chip Ingram in this multi-faceted study of seven attributes of God. 

First, help your child discover The Real God with eight different family devotional stories. Help them to see what God has to say about who He truly is through His word. Because to know the real God—changes everything.

Second, listen as Chip unpacks the biblical teaching on key attributes of the God we serve in life-changing short sermons. 

Finally, check out the bumper videos designed to promo this material to your whole church. You'll find downloads of all this content below. 

The Real God is an eight-week, church-wide discipleship campaign that’s designed to equip every member of your church—from children to adults—with an accurate, Biblical view of who God really is. Over the course of the campaign, your church will explore seven core attributes of God’s character. In the process, you’ll take a deeper look at some common misperceptions about God as well as examining the truth about who He reveals Himself to be in Scripture. Find out more at
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Chip Ingram ha experimentado como padre de familia, esposo y pastor los desafíos de criar hijos positivos en un mundo negativo. Chip es psicólogo de profesión y pastor por vocación. 

En esta serie de nueve sesiones de video para padres de familia. Chip compartirá los principios de Dios para criar a los hijos. Repleta de consejos prácticos, esta serie dará a los padres que luchan con la crianza de sus hijos una visión clara para el futuro de sus hijos y ayuda que cambiará hoy sus vidas. 

Aprenda a aplicar el proceso de Dios a la enseñanza y crianza de sus hijos.
Aplique lecciones prácticas sobre disciplina
Comprenda e implemente verdades bíblicas para usted y para sus hijos que pueden perdurar cuando todo lo demás ha fallado. 

Esta serie está diseñada tanto para uso individual como estudio en grupos pequeños. 
1. Como Criar Niños Positivos en ... 30 MINS
2. La Construcción de Relaciones ... 35 MINS
3. Como Desarrollar Todo el ... 39 MINS
4. El Proceso de Dios para la ... 27 MINS
5. Como Disciplinar a Su Hijo con ... 32 MINS
6. Castigo versus Disciplina 25 MINS
7. Palabras que Disciplinan 31 MINS
8. Cinco Piedras para la Crianza ... 37 MINS
9. Cuando todo lo demás Falla 30 MINS
En esta serie de los libros de la Biblia, Chip Ingram explica el libro de Tito. Él nos reta a exhibir el evangelio en nuestras vidas a través de hacer buenas obras. No hacemos buenas obras para ganarnos el favor de Dios, sino como resultado del favor de Dios. Cuando el evangelio ha dado raíz verdaderamente en nuestras vidas, produce en nosotros devoción por Él. Al heredar estas verdades a las futuras generaciones, la iglesia se levanta en un contraste brillante en comparación con la oscuridad del mundo.

Para obtener toda la experiencia descargue los recursos y complementos subsiguientes. La guía de estudio contiene más de 35 páginas de una enseñanza profunda con direcciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles para preguntas bíblicas. Esta guía de estudio va más allá de tan sólo darnos conocimiento, nos da varias aplicaciones prácticas de la Palabra de Dios para nuestra vida diaria o para nuestro estudio en grupo.   
Tráiler 3 MINS
1. Introdución 9 MINS
2. Tito 1:1–9 14 MINS
3. Tito 1:10–16 8 MINS
4. Tito 2:1–10 13 MINS
5. Tito 2:11–15 13 MINS
6. Tito 3:1–2 14 MINS
7. Tito 3:3–15 12 MINS
In this Book of the Bible series, Chip Ingram unpacks the book of Titus. He challenges us to display the gospel in our lives through doing good. We do good works not to earn God’s favor, but as a result of God’s favor. When the gospel has truly taken root in our lives, it produces the fruit of godliness. As we pass these things on to future generations, the Church stands in bright contrast to the darkness of the world.

Get the full study experience by downloading the resources below. This Leader's Guide contains over 35 pages of in-depth narrative teaching with direction for group discussion and helpful answers to biblical questions. It moves beyond knowledge to the real-life application of God's Word in either personal or group study.
Series Trailer 3 MINS
1. Introduction 9 MINS
2. Titus 1:1–9 14 MINS
3. Titus 1:10–16 8 MINS
4. Titus 2:1–10 13 MINS
5. Titus 2:11–15 13 MINS
6. Titus 3:1–2 14 MINS
7. Titus 3:3–15 12 MINS
If You Crave Simplicity...

...And yearn for peace and calm, this group study is for you. Through Biblical teaching and practical insights, Chip Ingram goes beyond so-called quick fixes. This series speaks to men and women who know what they need to do, want desperately to do it, but find it next to impossible to break free of the "too many good and important things" that flood their lives.

The thesis is shockingly simple: spiritual simplicity can only occur when we do less and love more. The time-tested Biblical principles explored in this study fly in the face of long checklists designed to decrease stress and increase productivity. Instead, it will help you experience a shift from complex to simple, from hurried to peaceful, from "never enough time" to "time enough for those you love." Lasting change is within your reach! Take the steps today to learn how to run the race of life at a different, more meaningful speed by focusing on what matters most: LOVE.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. All You Need Is Love 13 MINS
2. What's Love Got To Do With It? 20 MINS
3. Love is the Answer 16 MINS
4. Love Me Tender 20 MINS
5. Looking For Love In All The ... 20 MINS
6. In the Name of Love 18 MINS
7. What The World Needs Now 20 MINS
8. Love Train (Get On Board!) 15 MINS
Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships

How do you deal with those angry feelings we all experience? In the series, Overcoming Emotions That Destroy, Chip Ingram will help you identity whether you are a Spewer, Leaker, or Stuffer. You will learn the difference between good and bad anger, how to gain control of it, and how to use it in constructive ways. This no-nonsense, practical series, will give you practical biblical tools to express your anger appropriately and deal with those who express their anger toward you.
1. The Monster That Lives Within 23 MINS
2. The Three Faces of Anger 29 MINS
3. Anger Is A Secondary Emotion, ... 29 MINS
4. Anger Is A Secondary Emotion, ... 24 MINS
5. How To Make Your Anger Work For ... 25 MINS
6. God's Anger Management Plan 21 MINS
7. Eliminating Stress Before It ... 33 MINS
8. Eliminating Stress Before It ... 22 MINS
9. How To Be Good and Mad, Part 1 24 MINS
10. How To Be Good and Mad, Part 2 21 MINS
11. Closing Words 12 MINS
Is life change really possible? If we're honest most of us would answer, 'No.' That's because most of us have tried numerous programs that promise big changes, but in reality, deliver very little results. You long for transformation, but don't know where to begin. 

There's good news for you and there is hope! Life change is possible! You were made to grow, to change, and to experience intimacy and adventure. 

In this series, you will learn how life change can happen to you. Join Chip Ingram as he helps you to identify the barriers that have held you back from receiving God's best and then break out of a destructive lifestyle and become the person you've longed to be. This series is designed to help move you from the frustration of failure to the freedom you have in Christ.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Is a Changed Life Really ... 28 MINS
2. Is a Changed Life Really ... 31 MINS
3. Where Do I Get the Power to ... 25 MINS
4. Where Do We Get The Power To ... 27 MINS
5. How to Become the Person You've ... 29 MINS
6. How To Become The Person You've ... 27 MINS
7. How to Break Out of a ... 26 MINS
8. How to Break Out of a ... 28 MINS
9. The Role Of Spiritual Training ... 28 MINS
10. The Role Of Spiritual Training ... 33 MINS
11. The Power of Spiritual Training ... 33 MINS
12. The Power of Spiritual Training ... 28 MINS
God's Prescription For Enhancing Your Love Life

Everyone desires to love and be loved. The pursuit of "true love" is everywhere you look! It's romanticized on TV and in the movies we watch. Countless books and songs are written about it and hundreds of online dating websites and relationship seminars abound...all of which are designed to "help" you find that special someone to love. So why is "true love" so elusive? Could it be that the picture of love we see in today's culture is nothing more than an illusion? If so, what does real love look like? In this series, you'll discover God's way for finding love, staying in love, and growing in intimacy for a lifetime.
1. Hollywood's Formula for ... 33 MINS
2. Two Models for Lasting ... 19 MINS
3. Before You "Fall in Love" 30 MINS
4. How to Know If You're in Love 29 MINS
5. Love and Sex: Knowing the ... 20 MINS
6. The Difference between Love and ... 27 MINS
7. Sexual Purity in a ... 27 MINS
8. How to Say "Yes" to Love and ... 29 MINS
9. Wake Up World! There's a Better ... 22 MINS
10. The Second Sexual Revolution 28 MINS
For many Christians, the abundant life that we hear about on Sunday doesn't line up with our experience Monday through Saturday. Many sincere believers find themselves feeling stuck, frustrated, and fatigued. If you've ever felt like you were 'going through the motions' without experiencing true joy or power, this may describe you.

There is good news- this was never God's idea! If you've ever sensed that God has more in mind for you...but you're unsure how to experience it, True Spirituality is for you. This powerful study removes the clutter and presents a clear, compelling, Biblical picture of a true disciple of Jesus.

You will be challenged...You will be encouraged...You will be stretched...You will be CHANGED.
1. Introduction 4 MINS
2. God's Dream For Your Life, ... 26 MINS
3. God's Dream For Your Life, ... 23 MINS
4. How To Give God What He Wants ... 26 MINS
5. How To Give God What He Wants ... 31 MINS
6. How To Get God's Best For Your ... 29 MINS
7. How To Get God's Best For Your ... 26 MINS
8. How To Come To Grips With The ... 25 MINS
9. How To Come To Grips With The ... 26 MINS
10. How To Experience Authentic ... 25 MINS
11. How To Experience Authentic ... 30 MINS
12. How To Overcome The Evil Aimed ... 33 MINS
13. How To Overcome The Evil Aimed ... 25 MINS
14. Leader Video- Session 1 4 MINS
15. Leader Video- Session 2 2 MINS
16. Leader Video- Session 3 3 MINS
17. Leader Video- Session 4 2 MINS
18. Leader Video- Session 5 3 MINS
19. Leader Video- Session 6 4 MINS
20. Leader Video- Session 7 4 MINS
21. Leader Video- Session 8 3 MINS
22. Leader Video- Session 9 4 MINS
23. Leader Video- Session 10 5 MINS
24. Leader Video- Session 11 4 MINS
25. Leader Video- Session 12 5 MINS
Have you ever looked back over a situation or relationship in your life and wondered how it became so messy or difficult? In the series, Five Lies That Ruin Relationships, we'll define five of the most common lies that have the potential to ruin relationships with those we love. We'll also uncover the source of quarreling, how our words wound, and how not to make decisions. And together, we'll ask and answer the question: do wrong beliefs produce wrong behavior? We will discover that when we confront the lies we believe, there is power in knowing and applying God's truth to our relationships.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Why We Fight With Those We Love 26 MINS
2. Defusing Conflict...Restoring ... 27 MINS
3. Why We Wound Others With Words 31 MINS
4. How to Stop Playing God 30 MINS
5. How Our Jobs Can Destroy Our ... 31 MINS
6. How to Pursue God-Given Dreams 22 MINS
7. Why Better Things Don't Always ... 34 MINS
8. Using Wealth Wisely 26 MINS
9. Why a Change in Scenery Rarely ... 32 MINS
10. How Patience and Perseverance ... 29 MINS
Are you tired of the status quo Christian life? Do you long for a spiritual breakthrough? Are you looking to go to the next level or get a fresh infusion of faith and spiritual passion? Great Christians live out their faith with purpose. In Mark 10:43, Jesus says, whoever wants to become great must...Must what? You'll explore the idea that there are certain practices available to every believer at every maturity level to move us from good to God's Eyes.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Think Great Thoughts 17 MINS
2. Read Great Books 14 MINS
3. Pursue Great People 15 MINS
4. Dream Great Dreams 18 MINS
5. Pray Great Prayers 16 MINS
6. Take Great Risks 11 MINS
7. Make Great Sacrifices 15 MINS
8. Enjoy Great Moments 13 MINS
9. Empower Great People 14 MINS
10. Develop Great Habits 15 MINS
Lesson from a secret pact between two friends

The secret to being financially savvy is all around us. Just go to your local bookstore to read all the books written on finances, or turn on the television or computer to see wise tips from financial experts. So the question is "What is so genius about generosity?" After all, our world celebrates people who have learned how to have it all...not those who have learned to give it all away!

The Bible teaches that the wisest thing we can do with our resources is to learn to invest them in God's kingdom. This series will both challenge and encourage you to be wise in your giving and generous in your living. Don't be satisfied with earthly stock options and interest rates- learn the genius of generosity.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Why It's Genius to be Generous 12 MINS
2. The Principle with Secret Power 12 MINS
3. Why God Prospers Generous ... 14 MINS
4. How God Measures Generosity 15 MINS
What happens when we die? Can miracles be explained? Is there really a God? Answers to questions such as varied as they are confusing, and spring from a variety of mystical belief systems. But the fact is, we can know the truth. There are solid, logical answers to satisfy the heart and mind of those who are seeking. If you or someone you know has genuine questions about issues at the core of human existence, this apologetic series is an excellent resource.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Why I Believe in the ... 24 MINS
2. Why I Believe in the ... 36 MINS
3. Why I Believe in Life After ... 30 MINS
4. Why I Believe in Life After ... 25 MINS
5. Why I Believe the Bible Part 1 24 MINS
6. Why I Believe the Bible Part 2 35 MINS
7. Why I Believe in Creation Part ... 29 MINS
8. Why I Believe in Creation Part ... 20 MINS
9. Why I Believe in Creation Part ... 24 MINS
10. Why I Believe in Creation Part ... 29 MINS
11. Why I Believe in the God of the ... 28 MINS
12. Why I Believe in the God of the ... 32 MINS
This Is War...Invisible War

Beneath our tangible landscape lurks an invisible spiritual realm where unseen battles rage. It's real. And it's dangerous. If you're prepared to remove the blinders and gaze into this unseen world, Chip Ingram is ready to take you there.

Hang on to your seat. It's going to be a journey inside the very folds of our Bibles, a journey that will teach us about our greatest foe, Satan, also known as Lucifer, Dragon, Serpent, and Son of the Morning Star.

Although this lying thief comes to "steal, kill, and destroy," God details in His Word the battle plan to uncover Satan's cunning deceptions and to resist his sinister schemes. The cosmic conflict exploding all around us will have eternal implications, for us and those we love. This eight-part series by Chip Ingram will help you prepare to do spiritual battle with the enemy of your soul- and win! You'll learn how to clothe yourself with God's "spiritual armor" so you can be confident of your certain victory over the scheming enemy.
1. What Is The Invisible War? 26 MINS
2. Who Are We Fighting? 30 MINS
3. Four Keys To Spiritual Victory 33 MINS
4. How To Prepare Yourself For ... 29 MINS
5. Engaging The Enemy 28 MINS
6. Winning The War 28 MINS
7. The Christian's Secret Weapon 28 MINS
8. The Ministry Of Deliverance 36 MINS
It's no secret that marriage is in trouble in America. This foundational building block of society is crumbling before our eyes. And Christians are not exempt from this trend. There is hope. Despite the mounting pressure on couples, you really can have a great marriage, raise Godly kids and experience a healthy, life-giving home-life with the stability to weather life's storms.

Join Chip Ingram as he challenges the status quo and gives clear, compelling help for couples that long for unity and fulfillment in their marriage.
1. Marriage- A Holy Covenant Part ... 24 MINS
2. Marriage- A Holy Covenant Part ... 28 MINS
3. Is There A Man In The House? ... 24 MINS
4. Is There A Man In The House? ... 26 MINS
5. Is There A Woman In The House? ... 22 MINS
6. Is There A Woman In The House? ... 26 MINS
7. What's A Man To Do? Part 1 36 MINS
8. What's A Man To Do? Part 2 29 MINS
9. What's A Woman To Do? Part 1 40 MINS
10. What's A Woman To Do? Part 2 33 MINS
Would you like a fresh breeze to blow in your marriage? Do you long for a marriage where intimacy and communication are a reality instead of a dream? Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage is a 12-part series examining God's design for marriage, with practical instruction to help you make your marriage what God desires it to be.
1. God's Dream for Your Marriage ... 29 MINS
2. God's Dream for Your Marriage ... 22 MINS
3. What Went Wrong? Barriers to ... 27 MINS
4. What Went Wrong? Barriers to ... 22 MINS
5. How To "Share Hearts" Instead ... 24 MINS
6. How To "Share Hearts" Instead ... 30 MINS
7. The Four Keys to Intimacy Part ... 22 MINS
8. The Four Keys to Intimacy Part ... 22 MINS
9. Conflict Resolution- How to ... 24 MINS
10. Conflict Resolution- How to ... 29 MINS
11. Men & Women- Enjoying the ... 27 MINS
12. Men & Women- Enjoying the ... 19 MINS
You can raise successful children even in this fallen world!

In this day and age, children face a far more defective world than the children of previous decades. Everyday they are bombarded with the pressures and influences of drugs, sex, and violence. Often, parents feel helpless when the corrupt principles of this defective world seem to contradict every godly principle they try to instill in their children.  But the truth is, God has a plan for effectively raising your children and you can learn it.

With penetrating truth and sincere honesty, Chip Ingram shares the life lessons from his personal experience of raising four children. He describes his failures and the challenges of teenage rebellion. And he teaches the principles for successful parenting as revealed through God's Word.
1. How To Raise Positive Kids in a ... 28 MINS
2. How to Raise Positive Kids in a ... 30 MINS
3. How To Develop Your Child's ... 28 MINS
4. How To Develop Your Child's ... 31 MINS
5. How to Prepare Your Kids to Win ... 37 MINS
6. How to Prepare Your Kids to Win ... 30 MINS
7. How to Discipline You Child ... 34 MINS
8. How to Discipline You Child ... 35 MINS
Live beyond what the Christian subculture tells you is right and holy and acceptable. The God of the universe is looking for regular people to accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams. In this series on Nehemiah 1-6, learn how God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things and the process by which He molds men and women for His purposes.
1. Holy Ambition 13 MINS
2. Develop a Dislocated Heart 16 MINS
3. Experience a Broken Spirit 15 MINS
4. Practice a Radical Faith 15 MINS
5. Create a Strategic Plan 14 MINS
6. Exercise Personal Commitment 14 MINS
7. Grow a Courageous Soul 13 MINS
Are you busy, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the limit? Does life seem a little out of control? Are you running long on "to do's" and short on time?

In the series, Balancing Life's Demands, you will learn how to put "first things first" and find peace in the midst of pressure and adversity. This isn't about cliches or quick fixes, just practical biblical insights to help you order your personal world. This series was previously titled Biblical Priorities.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Peace and Power of a ... 35 MINS
2. The Peace and Power of a ... 34 MINS
3. How to Put First Things First, ... 26 MINS
4. How to Put First Things First, ... 31 MINS
5. How to Keep First Things First, ... 26 MINS
6. How to Keep First Things First, ... 28 MINS
7. Personal Discipline Can be ... 34 MINS
8. Personal Discipline Can be ... 29 MINS
9. How to Escape the Rat Race ... ... 29 MINS
10. How to Escape the Rat Race ... ... 31 MINS
11. Epilogue 3 MINS
Life is full of adversity and pain. Either through stress, pressure, unfortunate circumstances, or bad decisions, many of us find ourselves living in a world that has fallen apart. This series found in James 1 is designed to help you begin where you're at in order to rebuild your broken world. Whether it is redefining how you view God and life's trials or how to respond to discouragement or temptations, this study gives the solution to find healing and restoration in broken relationships and difficult circumstances.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Don't Ask “Why?” Ask “What?”, ... 29 MINS
2. Don't Ask “Why?” Ask “What?”, ... 27 MINS
3. Help For When You're "Stuck", ... 27 MINS
4. Help For When You're "Stuck", ... 24 MINS
5. How to Slay the Dragon of ... 27 MINS
6. How to Slay the Dragon of ... 25 MINS
7. Overcoming Temptation, Part 1 30 MINS
8. Overcoming Temptation, Part 2 31 MINS
9. Epilogue 3 MINS
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