The Book of Ruth Bianca Juárez Olthoff
The Book of Ruth
Bianca Juárez Olthoff
Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. Ruth 1:1–22 10 MINS
2. Ruth 2:1–4 9 MINS
3. Ruth 2:5–13 10 MINS
4. Ruth 2:14–23 9 MINS
5. Ruth 3:1–18 11 MINS
6. Ruth 4:1–12 6 MINS
7. Ruth 4:13–22 9 MINS
God can seem distant when dreams fade, people die, or careers fail. It may feel like He slammed the door in your face and walked out for good. No one knows the feeling of abandonment more than Ruth and Naomi. Their story begins with the worst—death, famine, and poverty. And God remains silent.

But the book of Ruth doesn’t end with despair. The story brims with hope because God works on behalf of the two widows in ways they least expect. In this 7-part series, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, speaker and author of Play with Fire, teaches through Ruth to show how God moves behind the scenes in our lives. On the surface, this book tells the story of two widows and a kind landowner. Even more, it teaches us about God’s faithfulness, love, and providence.

Walk the journey of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz and discover the devoted love of God and His transformative power in our lives. 

Note to Leaders: If you are leading a group through this Bible study, watch this short training post to help you facilitate. Click here!

This series is part of our year-long roadmaps of adult Bible study curriculum—learn more.
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OTHER SERIES WITH Bianca Juárez Olthoff
Jennie Allen

Even if the worst happens, we won’t lose hope. Watch IF:Gathering 2021 as we remember this together. With teaching from Jennie Allen, Bianca Olthoff, Francis Chan, and many more, you will be reminded that God is still on the move around the world, and we still have a job to do. 

IF:Gathering exists to equip women with gospel-centered resources and opportunities to make disciples who will then go and make disciples.

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1. Welcome 5 MINS
2. Welcome from Hosts 3 MINS
3. How to Emotionally Navigate Our ... 22 MINS
4. Don't Waste Your Suffering 14 MINS
5. Even If 23 MINS
6. I Don't Believe in Jesus, I ... 13 MINS
7. Being in Awe of Jesus 27 MINS
8. Discipleship in the Middle East 18 MINS
9. What Are We Going to Be About? 8 MINS
10. Prayer & Worship 29 MINS
11. Gloria's Spoken Word 3 MINS
12. The 12 Verse Challenge 13 MINS
13. Finding Joy & Rest 21 MINS
14. How God’s Holiness Helps Us ... 14 MINS
15. Linda's Story 5 MINS
16. Anchored: Living in the Deep ... 29 MINS
17. illumiNations Video 2 MINS
18. The Whole Gospel 20 MINS
19. Racial Reconciliation and the ... 25 MINS
20. Crossing the Line 24 MINS
21. It’s Time to be a Light 20 MINS
22. Ms. Annie's Story 4 MINS
23. Revival Starts with You 35 MINS
24. Closing and Candles 8 MINS
25. Closing Prayer 3 MINS
26. How to Make Disciples When No ... 28 MINS
27. A Christian's Guide to Engaging ... 35 MINS
28. Why There is Hope for Your ... 31 MINS
29. How to Navigate Today’s Culture 36 MINS
30. Having a Healthy Relationship ... 35 MINS
31. The New Normal: A Heart Burning ... 29 MINS
32. God and Suffering 44 MINS
33. You Don’t Have to Be Just Like ... 39 MINS
34. Living Faithfully Despite All ... 33 MINS
35. Building Up Future Leaders 24 MINS
36. The Church’s Next Steps for ... 35 MINS
37. How to Pray When Anxiety is ... 31 MINS
38. How to Ruin Your Life in Your ... 31 MINS
39. Relationships Every Leader ... 30 MINS
40. Holy Parenting 34 MINS
41. Forgiving What You Can't Forget 33 MINS
42. How to Connect in an Isolating ... 33 MINS
43. What to do Next 15 MINS
Bianca Juárez Olthoff
Falling in love is high on the priority list for many young people today. With reality dating shows, romantic comedies, and a rise in dating apps over the past decade, love is talked about more than ever. However, the culture we live in has its own ideas about what true love is—and those ideas are contrary to God’s definition of love. So how can Christians today date confidently in a culture that doesn’t know what true love is?

In this six-part series, hear from Bible teacher and author Bianca Juárez Olthoff as she covers everything from love to sex, singleness, and dating from a Christian perspective. Falling in love can seem difficult—but with the love of Jesus, it doesn’t have to be.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Love Is 8 MINS
2. Singleness 6 MINS
3. How to Date 8 MINS
4. Intimacy 6 MINS
5. Sex 7 MINS
6. Communication 7 MINS
Jennie Allen
Does the Bible feel too intimidating and complex? Does understanding it feel impossible, so you don’t even try?

In this six-week study, we want to help you understand why the Bible is the greatest tool we have. We want to open your eyes to the way the Old Testament and New Testament connect and show you the purpose of each book of the Bible. Through this study, featuring teaching videos from Jennie Allen, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, and Jo Saxton you will:

  • Understand that the Bible is relevant for you here and now.
  • Uncover what each book of the Bible is about and how they all connect.
  • Discover a method to breaking down Scripture in order to better comprehend it.
  • Have new confidence in understanding the Bible and a hunger to know it more.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Understanding the Bible 14 MINS
2. Old Testament: The Pentateuch 13 MINS
3. Old Testament: History & Wisdom 12 MINS
4. Old Testament: Major & Minor ... 12 MINS
5. New Testament: The Gospels & ... 13 MINS
6. New Testament: The Letters & ... 13 MINS
Distractions threaten to pull us in disparate directions, blurring our focus so that we lose sight of what’s most important. We worry about budgets and buildings. Factions threaten to fracture our church’s unity. Chaotic voices clamor for our attention. To lead well, we must re-center our gaze—re-focus our attention—on our purpose for doing ministry.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our main lineup of speakers who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.
If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website.
1. Not Troubled By Trouble 25 MINS
2. Get Up and Go 31 MINS
3. Why So Many Christians Don't ... 16 MINS
4. Be an Extraordinary Leader 21 MINS
5. Perfect Peace in an Anxious ... 19 MINS
6. The Strange Love of Jesus 30 MINS
7. Chapter One of Eternity 31 MINS
8. Clear, Simple, and Bold: The ... 30 MINS
9. Kingdom Prayer 25 MINS
10. Focusing on the Resurrection 30 MINS
11. Full Conference Livestream 7 HRS 54 MINS
Bianca Juárez Olthoff
God desires each of his children to follow his call. But sometimes the battles we fight for God’s kingdom defy our expectations, leading us to trust him more deeply. A faithful warrior for Christ will choose obedience over personal glory, humility instead of pride, and truth spoken with grace.

In this five-sessions series with Bianca Juárez Olthoff, explore the story of Deborah, Barak, and Jael and discover what being a warrior for God looks like.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. It’s Time for Battle 7 MINS
2. Speak Grace and Truth 6 MINS
3. Trust God 7 MINS
4. Warriors Look Different 5 MINS
5. Be Willing 4 MINS
Sadie Robertson Huff
Do women matter to the kingdom of God?

Jesus was surrounded by both men and women during his ministry on earth. He saw, valued, and cared for women, and he still does today. Each one of us has a significant role.

Through this six-session study, you will discover who Jesus is through the unique perspective of women in the Bible. As you study the lives of Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalene and others, you will learn from their faith and failures and be reminded that Jesus cared for and valued the women he was surrounded by. He equipped them, listened to them, walked with them, healed them, and empowered them. And he does the same for you now.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Jesus Equips the Ordinary 20 MINS
2. Jesus Enables the Faithful 10 MINS
3. Jesus Heals the Wounded 7 MINS
4. Jesus Sees the Marginalized 10 MINS
5. Jesus Gives Hope 9 MINS
6. Jesus Empowers 11 MINS
Aunque no podamos este año reunirnos para la Pascua, podemos aún así recordar y celebrar en nuestros hogares lo que Jesús ha hecho por nosotros. En esa sesión de los Milagros de Jesús, Jennie Allen, Jada Edwards, Bianca Juárez Olthoff y Sadie Robertson Huff hablan acerca del milagro de la muerte y resurrección de Jesús. 
1. Jesús Salva 14 MINS
In this session from Miracles of Jesus, Jennie Allen, Jada Edwards, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, and Sadie Robertson Huff talk about the miracle of Jesus’s death and resurrection. 
1. Jesus Saves 14 MINS
Jennie Allen
At IF:Gathering 2020 we're focusing completely and entirely on the person of Jesus. That is it. He is our hope and we need hope. In a time where our worlds and our insides feel like they're spinning out like crazy, we want to point back, and call us to the thing that is going to steady us - the good news that is Jesus. 

We're studying Romans 8, as it paints a different picture for our lives than the one our current circumstances seems to hold us captive to. Let's rediscover the freedom we have in Jesus, the way of life and peace, and the glory that has been promised for our future. This is the hope we pray this generation clings to.

This event features biblical teaching from Jennie Allen, Jada Edwards, Beth Moore, Bianca Olthoff, Sadie Robertson Huff, Jo Saxton, and more.

IF:Gathering exists to equip women with gospel-centered resources and opportunities to make disciples who will then go and make disciples.

For more information, visit
1. Welcome and IF:2020 Vision 12 MINS
2. Reading of Romans 8 8 MINS
3. Romans 8:1–4 24 MINS
4. Monisha’s Story 4 MINS
5. Romans 8:9–11 59 MINS
6. Closing Prayer 3 MINS
7. Morning Welcome 14 MINS
8. Romans 8:14–17 21 MINS
9. Severa’s Story 7 MINS
10. Interview 22 MINS
11. Romans 8:24–28 24 MINS
12. Romans 8:5–8 39 MINS
13. Romans 8:31–37 22 MINS
14. Romans 8:32 16 MINS
15. Fight for Each Other Campaign 19 MINS
16. Video Interview 7 MINS
17. Romans 8:39 24 MINS
18. Surprise Guest Speakers 23 MINS
19. Sending out IF:2020 17 MINS
Jennie Allen
You are a leader with an important calling: to make disciples. Maybe you know that clearly, or perhaps you are just starting to believe that. Join the women of IF:Lead to recapture the joy of making disciples in everyday circumstances.

The IF:Lead is an annual gathering specifically created to pour into leaders who are creating environments for discipleship in their hometowns. For more information, check out the website here.
1. Opening Prayer 5 MINS
2. Opening + Culture 5 MINS
3. What Baggage Are You Carrying? 20 MINS
4. How Are We Spending Our Time? 12 MINS
5. Longevity in Leadership - How ... 5 MINS
6. The Lies of Leadership (Panel) 22 MINS
7. Stewardship Not Stardom 21 MINS
8. Balancing Motherhood and ... 3 MINS
9. How to Use the Enneagram 19 MINS
10. Leading Through Hardship 25 MINS
11. There is No More Condemnation 46 MINS
12. Dwell 36 MINS
13. Discipleship of others and ... 4 MINS
14. You Have a Seat at the Table 26 MINS
15. Audience Q&A 24 MINS
16. Leading the Next Generation 4 MINS
17. Leading Through Fear 34 MINS
18. You Have Been Set Free 13 MINS
19. Closing Prayer 11 MINS
¿Eran importantes las mujeres para el reino de Dios?

Jesús estuvo rodeado de hombres y mujeres durante su ministerio en la Tierra. Él veía, valoraba y se preocupaba por las mujeres, y hoy aún lo hace. Cada una de nosotras tiene un papel importante. 

Durante este estudio de seis sesiones, descubrirán quién es Jesús a través de la perspectiva única de las mujeres en la Biblia. Al estudiar la vida de María, de Marta, de María Magdalena y de otras mujeres, su fe y sus fracasos serán una lección para ustedes y les recordarán que Jesús se preocupaba y valoraba a las mujeres a su alrededor. Las equipó, las escuchó, caminó con ellas, las sanó y les dio poder. Y hoy hace lo mismo por ustedes.
Traíler 2 MINS
1. Jesús equipa a las comunes 20 MINS
2. Jesús faculta a las fieles 10 MINS
3. Jesús sana a las heridas 7 MINS
4. Jesús ve a las marginadas 10 MINS
5. Jesús da esperanza 9 MINS
6. Jesús empodera 11 MINS
Independientemente de la etnia, el género, el país de origen, la crianza o la condición socioeconómica, todos tenemos un rasgo en común: estamos hechos a imagen de Dios. A pesar de nuestras diferencias, vivimos en la historia de la obra redentora de Dios, que derriba las barreras que nos dividen. Seguir a Cristo significa convertirse en un miembro de su familia en la que pasaremos la eternidad. 

Hasta entonces, un mundo incrédulo está observando. ¿Pero qué es lo que ve? Mientras trabajamos para reconciliar nuestras diferencias, redirijamos nuestra mirada a donde pertenece: a nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo. Cuando lo hagamos, nos convertiremos en las personas para las que Dios nos diseñó.

La Conferencia RightNow es para pastores y líderes ministeriales que buscan una renovación y una oportunidad de crecer en su fe. Experimente nuestra línea principal de oradores que lo desafiarán a crecer en su relación con Dios, a liderar bien su equipo y a alcanzar al mundo. Para obtener más información sobre los oradores o las sesiones, descargue el programa completo de la conferencia a continuación.
1. Reiniciar 42 MINS
2. No desperdicies tu vida 37 MINS
3. Un amor 38 MINS
4. Completamente vivos en Cristo 52 MINS
5. ¿Cuál es tu primer dominó? 42 MINS
6. Líderes de la iglesia y ... 37 MINS
7. Plenaria en el escenario ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Plenaria en el escenario ... 55 MINS
9. Bernabé: un líder influyente 30 MINS
10. La fe sobre el miedo 38 MINS
11. Creación de equipos extremos 37 MINS
12. Los cristianos en la era de la ... 36 MINS
13. Integrados, pero aun así ... 37 MINS
14. Alentar a los rivales 29 MINS
Cada uno de nosotros tendrá que enfrentar la eternidad para mirar a través del abismo de la muerte a la vida más allá. Para aquellos de nosotros que hemos elegido seguir a Jesús, esperamos una eternidad llena de alegría y libre de penas. La garantía de la eternidad significa que podemos vivir cada día en esta tierra no para nuestro propio beneficio, sino para el beneficio del reino de Dios. Utilicemos lo que nos ha sido dado en el tiempo que tenemos para proclamar el evangelio de Jesús a nosotros mismos, a nuestros discípulos y al mundo.

La conferencia de RightNow es para pastores y líderes de ministerio que buscan una renovación y una oportunidad para crecer en su fe. Experimente nuestra línea completa de oradores que lo desafiarán a crecer en su relación con Dios, a liderar bien su equipo y a alcanzar el mundo. Para obtener más información sobre los oradores o las sesiones, descargue el programa completo de la conferencia a continuación.

Si desea obtener más información o quiere experimentar nuestra conferencia en persona, visite el sitio web aquí.
1. Practicar la eternidad, ... 41 MINS
2. Hogar para siempre 36 MINS
3. Cómo aumentar su trayectoria de ... 36 MINS
4. Cómo comenzar con el objetivo ... 36 MINS
5. La bendición de un hermano 35 MINS
6. Contextualización: cómo tender ... 49 MINS
7. Un modelo de liderazgo de ... 34 MINS
8. Arraigados en la comunidad 30 MINS
9. Cómo vivir en un mundo ... 32 MINS
10. La eternidad y la vida ... 30 MINS
11. Confianza 34 MINS
Jennie Allen
Miracles of Jesus explores all four Gospels with teaching from Jennie Allen, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, Jada Edwards, and Sadie Robertson. Discover the ways Jesus healed, provided for, calmed, and resurrected the people he encountered. This seven-session study is about believing in the power of God who can accomplish anything. There’s nothing too big or too small for us to bring to him.

When we take time to learn about the overflowing kindness Jesus demonstrated to all kinds of people through miracles during his time on earth, we realize that he is radically generous, compassionate, and honoring toward all people. As you watch teaching from the places in Israel where Jesus performed miracles and dig into God’s Word, you will end the study in awe of the Messiah who relentlessly seeks, saves, and restores us.
Trailer 3 MINS
1. Jesus Responds to Our Need 8 MINS
2. Jesus Calms Our Storms 9 MINS
3. Jesus Offers Peace 9 MINS
4. Jesus Intervenes in the ... 8 MINS
5. Jesus Knows Our Hunger 8 MINS
6. Jesus Conquers Death 14 MINS
7. Jesus Empowers Us 6 MINS
Jennie Allen
What does it look like to follow God and live out this faith in our relationships, at our jobs, in conflict, in suffering, and with money?

This is a generation that is not just hungry for big faith, but for a big faith that is lived out in the practical, mundane things we do and the decisions that we make everyday. A faith that is marked by wisdom.

Featuring teachers like Jennie Allen, Jo Saxton, Bianca Oltoff, Annie F. Downs, Jada Edwards, Jefferson Bethke and more, IF:Gathering 2019 dives into the book of Proverbs for a look at a different way to live. This way to live--Jesus' way--is so attractive, so fragrant, that it flows through our lives, actions, relationships, and work, drawing people to Christ.
1. “Uni/verse - Why Everything is ... 5 MINS
2. Opening Prayer 4 MINS
3. Proverbs Scripture Reading 2 MINS
4. We Need Wisdom 28 MINS
5. How Do You Trust God When ... 24 MINS
6. A Day in the Life with Colleen ... 7 MINS
7. How Do You Discern the Truth? 24 MINS
8. Can You Trust God through ... 19 MINS
9. Uncommon Sense Teaser 2 MINS
10. Wave Walkers 15 MINS
11. Discipleship Collective 2 MINS
12. Proverbs Scripture Reading 1 MIN
13. The State of Your Heart 15 MINS
14. Restore in Me the Joy of My ... 11 MINS
15. How Do We Receive Criticism? 12 MINS
16. Leading with Empathy 13 MINS
17. Visit Rwanda with Africa New ... 3 MINS
18. If You Had 10 Minutes of Wisdom ... 12 MINS
19. Freedom and Self Discipline 21 MINS
20. A Day in the Life with Debbie ... 6 MINS
21. Wisdom, Shame, and Community 23 MINS
22. Throw the Ace 14 MINS
23. Proverbs Scripture Reading 1 MIN
24. What Happens When People Let ... 10 MINS
25. We Need Each Other 14 MINS
26. Your Words Have Power 12 MINS
27. God Sees Us in Our Pain: ... 43 MINS
28. The Legacy of Discipleship 20 MINS
29. How Do We Give Wisdom Away? 44 MINS
30. A Day in the Life with Nellie ... 7 MINS
31. When You Get Hit How Do You Get ... 21 MINS
32. What Are You Moving Towards? 2 MINS
33. Closing Prayer 1 MIN
Regardless of ethnicity, gender, country of origin, upbringing, or socio-economic status we all have one feature in common—we are made in the image of God. Despite our differences, we are living in the story of God’s redemptive work, which tears down the barriers that divide us. Following Christ means becoming a member of his household, one in which we will spend eternity.

Until then, an unbelieving world is watching. But what does it see? As we work to reconcile our differences, let us redirect our gaze where it belongs—on our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we do, we will truly grow into the people God designed us to become.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our main lineup of speakers who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, the website here.
1. Reset 42 MINS
2. Don't Waste Your Life 37 MINS
3. One Love 38 MINS
4. Fully Alive in Christ 52 MINS
5. What's Your First Domino? 42 MINS
6. Church Leaders and Golden ... 37 MINS
7. Main Stage Breakout – A Life ... 1 HR 1 MIN
8. Main Stage Breakout – The ... 55 MINS
9. Barnabas: An Influential Leader 30 MINS
10. Faith Over Fear 38 MINS
11. Extreme Team Building 37 MINS
12. Christians in the Age of ... 36 MINS
13. Integrated, Yet Still ... 37 MINS
14. Rooting for Rivals 29 MINS
Bianca Juárez Olthoff
Dios nos puede parecer distante cuando nuestros sueños se desvanecen, cuando la gente muere, o nuestra carrera se descarrila. Uno puede llegar a sentir como que Dios nos cerró la puerta en la cara y se salió de nuestra vida para siempre. En esta historia Rut y Noemí experimentan un profundo sentimiento de abandono. Su historia comienza con lo peor—muerte, hambruna, y pobreza. Y en todo esto, Dios permanece silencioso.

Pero el libro de Rut no termina en desolación. La historia rebosa con esperanza porque Dios obra a favor de estas dos viudas de maneras inesperadas. En esta serie de 7 sesiones, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, oradora y escritora del libro (Play with Fire), nos enseña a través de Rut las muchas maneras en las que Dios se mueve detrás de bastidores en nuestras vidas. A simple vista, este libro habla de un par de viudas y un terrateniente amable. Pero este estudio nos lleva más allá de la superficie y nos muestra la fidelidad, el amor y la providencia de Dios.

Camine junto con nosotros el sendero de Rut, Noemí, y Booz; para descubrir el devoto amor de Dios y Su poder transformador en nuestras vidas.

Para obtener toda la experiencia descargue los recursos y complementos subsiguientes. La guía de estudio contiene más de 35 páginas de una enseñanza profunda con direcciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles para preguntas bíblicas. Esta guía de estudio va más allá de tan sólo darnos conocimiento, nos da varias aplicaciones prácticas de la Palabra de Dios para nuestra vida diaria o para nuestro estudio en grupo.
Tráiler 2 MINS
1. Rut 1:1–22 10 MINS
2. Rut 2:1–4 9 MINS
3. Rut 2:5–13 10 MINS
4. Rut 2:14–23 9 MINS
5. Rut 3:1–18 11 MINS
6. Rut 4:1–12 6 MINS
7. Rut 4:13–22 9 MINS
Every one of us will have to face eternity—to look across the chasm of death to life beyond. For those of us who have chosen to follow Jesus, we look forward to an eternity filled with joy and free from sorrow. The guarantee of eternity means we can live every day on this earth not for our own gain, but for the benefit of God’s kingdom. Let's use what we’ve been given in the time we have to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to ourselves, our disciples, and the world.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. Practicing Eternity, Abiding in ... 41 MINS
2. Forever Home 36 MINS
3. Developing Leaders in the ... 48 MINS
4. Increasing Your Leadership ... 36 MINS
5. Beginning with the End in Mind 36 MINS
6. A Brother's Blessing 35 MINS
7. Contextualization: Reaching Out ... 49 MINS
8. A Model of Servant Leadership 34 MINS
9. Rooted in Community 30 MINS
10. Living in a Polarized World 32 MINS
11. Eternity and Everyday Life 30 MINS
12. Trust 34 MINS
Jennie Allen
Milagros de Jesús explora los cuatro Evangelios con enseñanzas de Jennie Allen, Bianca Juarez Olthoff, Jada Edwards y Sadie Robertson. Descubran las maneras en que Jesús sanó, proveyó, calmó y resucitó a las personas que encontró. Este estudio de siete sesiones se trata de creer que el poder de Dios puede lograr lo que sea. No hay nada demasiado grande o pequeño para que le llevemos a él. 

Cuando nos tomamos un tiempo para aprender sobre la bondad desbordante que Jesús demostró a todo tipo de personas a través de milagros durante su tiempo en la Tierra, nos damos cuenta de que es radicalmente generoso, compasivo y que honra a todas las personas. Mientras observan las enseñanzas desde los lugares en Israel donde Jesús realizó los milagros y profundizan en la Palabra de Dios, terminarán el estudio maravilladas con el Mesías que nos busca, salva y restaura incansablemente.
Tráiler 3 MINS
1. Jesús responde a nuestra ... 8 MINS
2. Jesús calma nuestras tormentas 9 MINS
3. Jesús ofrece paz 9 MINS
4. Jesús interviene en lo ... 8 MINS
5. Jesús conoce nuestra hambre 8 MINS
6. Jesús conquista la muerte 14 MINS
7. Jesús nos da poder 6 MINS
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