Connect Your Computer to Your TV or Projector

  • What options do you have for video-out on your computer?
  • What options do you have for video-input on your TV/projector?
  • Check out the Cables/Adapters section if you need help determining how to get your devices connected.
  • If you used HDMI to hook up the Computer to your TV, then most likely the audio will automatically be sent to the TV. If you used any of the other cables, you may need to hook up a second cable to run audio from the headphone jack in your computer to the "audio input" jacks on the back of the TV.


  • Open "System Preferences." (Click the Apple icon in the top left corner, and choose "System Preferences.")
  • Choose "Displays."
  • Click on the Start menu and choose "Settings."
  • Choose "System."


Using your TV/projector remote, choose the input that matches the cable that you plugged into your TV/projector. You should now be able to play the video from the RightNow Media website and see it on the TV. You can also hit the "Fullscreen" option on the video player to make sure the video is filling up your TV screen.




  • Choose "Arrangement" and make sure the "Mirror Displays" option is checked. This will insure that what you're seeing on your Mac is also being displayed on your TV.
  • Choose "Displays." If your projector or TV isn't showing up in the top window, click on "Detect."