Booster Pack

(Pumpkin spice not included.)

First Things First:

Resend Invites

Emails get lost. Lives get busy. And some of your initial invites don’t get accepted. Maybe you’ve also grown since you last sent invites. Click the absurdly large button above to re-send invites to everyone who may not know about the free gift of RightNow Media.

*Don’t worry—emails only go to those who haven’t accepted the first invite.

Next: We Made Stuff For You!

We’ve hand-crafted these free resources to better help you equip every family,  resource every small group, and develop every leader in your church.

Put a slide in rotation

Do you have announcement slides before your worship gathering? These will help get the word out about the free gift of RightNow Media.

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Learn how to use RightNow Media to its fullest potential - for free. Make an appointment and invite ministry leaders to join the workshop. One of our trained coaches will tell you everything you need to know about RightNow Media. Get your questions answered and your team excited.

Handouts/Bulletin Inserts

Dedicating a page of your bulletin or passing out a flyer can be a great way to spread the word about the free gift of RightNow Media.  We’ve made a couple for you and included editable files so you can personalize them!

Put Them in Bulletins

Put Them on Pews & Chairs

Put Them in Newsletters

Put Them in E-Newsletters

Mail Them

Hang Them on Doors

Hang Them on Bulletin Boards

Put Them on Windshields

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Download File

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You know what else we made for you?

New & Improved Mobile Apps!

Our new apps are good—really good. And they’re free.

Our designers and developers have been working to better the RightNow Media experience for you and your church. We are excited to show you the new RightNow Media apps. Bringing the gospel to every person in all walks of life—and making it accessible anytime, anywhere—has been our focus from the start. It is our hope that these beautiful apps serve your church’s mission as we work together to fulfill the Great Commission.


Be sure to spread the word about the free RightNow Media apps available on:

Happy Exploring!