The idea for RightNow Media began over the Atlantic on a flight home from Tanzania, Africa. It was the summer of 1998 and I had just spent the past four weeks filming a documentary about a missionary team living in a remote part of the country for the sake of the Gospel.


It was my first time overseas and I loved it.

During the flight home I remember praying, “God, how can I do more of that? I want my life to count and I want to do something significant for you.”


In my young, naïve mind the only way to really have an impact for Christ was to do “full-time ministry.”  As I was searching for those ministry opportunities I realized that there were many in my generation who wanted their lives to count too.   My understanding of ministry would expand over the years, but God used this experience to help lay the foundation for starting RightNow Media in 2000.


At first our ministry’s main priority was to connect young adults to full time ministry opportunities in America and especially overseas.  Over time we began to realize the potential in strategically working with churches and church leaders to help them mobilize the people of their church to live out their faith.  We joined forces with Bluefish TV and set out to serve the church in new and creative ways.


When I think about the future of the church, I think my generation is longing to see these three statements move from radical to normal:



We will no longer compartmentalize our lives into the sacred and the secular. We will no longer see 2 hours on Sunday morning as sacred and all other aspects of life as secular. It’s all sacred to God. Work. School. Board rooms. Family. Neighborhood picnics.  Monday matters just as much as Sunday.  As believers, it’s important to see that your entire life is on mission for God.


We will no longer “outsource” our faith to the Church. We will love and serve the church. But each one of us as Christians has to champion and take responsibility for our faith as it relates to our family, our work, at school and our faith among the nations.  Personally as a parent of four young kids, I am not going to outsource their spiritual development to simply the 90 minutes they spend weekly at church.


We will be intentional about training, studying Scripture, and preparing ourselves to be effective followers of Christ; to be good Samaritans; to be good stewards; to be light in a world that is overwhelmed by poverty, distraught with war, and trapped by consumerism. We will trade in the pursuit of the American Dream for a world that needs Christ.



RightNow Media is challenging our generation to be BOLD. Our team is committed to serving the church so that millions of people can be unleashed for Christ.


I believe that where you live doesn’t make you a missionary. The mission we are on makes us missionaries. For those who follow Jesus, we have a mission to love God and love others.  That’s why I love challenging people to become TRADERS —trading in the energy we spend on ourselves in order to serve others for the sake of the Gospel.


By clicking around on this site you will learn more about the strategic initiatives our ministry is pouring ourselves in to for the sake of the Gospel.

Brian Mosley


RightNow Media

Brian and Julie with their kids on vacation in Florida