Tips for Group Prayer Time featuring Larry Osborne

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Larry Osborne is one of the most respected pastors in America because of his ability to take complex problems and offer simple solutions. Larry has been the pastor at North Coast Church near San Diego for over 30 years and in this clip he gives insight into enhancing your group prayer time.

Larry Osborne gave us 3 practical tips for group prayer time: scheduling it, sentence prayers, and dividing by gender for more authenticity. Reflect on some of the obstacles you have during your group prayer time. Which of these tips could cover/help the obstacles you face in your own group?
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Throughout Scripture we are told to pray…to devote ourselves to prayer (Colossians 4:2), to pray continuously (1 Thessalonians 5:17). We’re also given the examples of Jesus, the disciples, prophets, and the prayers of faithful men and women. I encourage you today to be faithful in this and to lead by example. Use the tips Larry Osborne laid out in the video and put those into practice. I’m looking forward to hearing how that impacts your group!

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