The Path to Discovering a Grateful Heart

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Lets start off this training by reading a familiar Bible story and see what we can learn about the generous character of our God. Read John 6:5-13

The miraculous nature of this passage is without doubt, but what word would you use to characterize the generosity displayed by Christ?
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Phillip is quick to point out that it would have taken “eight months' wages” to buy enough food to feed the crowd. What do you think was going through the minds of the people in the crowd when they realized the amount of money Christ’s miracle might have cost?
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Why do you think it was important to Jesus that “nothing be wasted?”
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Watch this video by Erwin McManus, the Pastor of Mosaic Los Angeles. Erwin takes us on a journey from greed and materialism to gratitude and generosity.

Which best describes the majority of the people in your group?

Choose one

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What can you do to help your people understand what Erwin said: “If you wait to be healed to serve, then you will never serve. It’s in serving that you are healed. As you give your life away you will find the life you were created to live.”
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Cherry lost her husband and daughter on the same day. Facing the most unimaginable grief, Cherry leaned on her relationship with Jesus to rescue her from her despair.

How do you think Cherry is able to go on? What allows her to live life again?
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Since we live in a fallen world I know that people in your group have struggles. Sometimes the struggles can be because of our own selfishness and other times they can be because of the circumstances of life. I am blown away by Cherry's faith. I am praying for you and your group, that as you face the struggles of this world, you will be able to lead your group toward a path of gratitude and generosity...and the people in your group will find the peace and joy found only in Jesus.

This teaching video is an excerpt from the Uprising Bible study series. You can find the entire series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library. Direct link:

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