How Can I Help Lead Someone from Despair to Life? featuring Erwin McManus

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We all have people in our groups that face tough circumstances. Sometimes people can feel like nothing will ever help them. But we serve a God who is able to rescue us from even our darkest moments. Check out this quick story about Anna, a girl who thought all hope was gone.

What are some of the issues that people are struggling with in your group? I would love to pray with you for those people and their struggles.
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Isn't it amazing how God brings people into our lives at just the right times? Just like Anna's brother came through when she needed it most, God uses people in our lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Take a moment and pray for every single member of your group by name. Pray that God would bring the right people at the right time to minister to each of them. And ask God to show you specific ways that you can be His hands and feet to the people in your life.

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Erwin McManus is the Pastor at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles and he is a very inspirational teacher. I love how he shares this real life story to help all of us understand that our lives are worth fighting for.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to literally fight for your life? Tell me about it – what happened? What was it like to fight for your life? How do you view life differently?
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Is there anything in that experience that would help people in your group understand what Erwin meant when he said, "That there is more life in you than death in you?" How could you communicate this to the group?
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What are some takeaways from Erwin's teaching for you personally and for you as a group leader?
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This teaching video is an excerpt from the Uprising Bible study series. You can find the entire series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library. Direct link:

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