The Word in Worship

2012 Doxology and Theology

In this 36-minute session from the 2012 Doxology and Theology Conference, Matt Boswell hosts Dr. Joe Crider, Zac Hicks, Mike Cosper, and Bob Kauflin in a panel discussion about the Word in worship. They offer practical and personal examples to help you in your planning. 

Matt Boswell is Pastor of Ministries and Worship at Providence Church in Frisco, TX and founder of the Doxology & Theology Conferences.

The panelists agreed that the incredible story of Scripture should be the story of worship. How do you incorporate the whole story, from Creator God to the Cross, in your worship services? How do you ensure congregants respond to that story, and not you?
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Mike described worship as dialogue: God speaks, we respond. How are your services structured? Do you incorporate Scripture reading and liturgy in your services, or are they song-heavy?
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The panelists offered practical ways to use Scripture. You could use one passage as a guide, you could use a handful for a broad perspective, or you could simply copy what the church has done in the past. What can you take away from their suggestions?
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Bob concluded with encouragement to get in the Word. Do you follow a Bible reading plan? What does your personal study of the Word look like?
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Lord, thank you for your Word. Stir in us a deep affection for it, so that it truly is sweeter than honey, a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path. Amen.

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