Healing Through Small Groups with Will Miller

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Many of us would admit there are times we're stressed and feel empty. In this 2-minute clip, Will Miller, former pastor, author, and motivational speaker from Lafayette, IN, discusses the causes and effects of today's isolated lifestyle and helps us see the importance of developing meaningful relationships.

Will identified 2 major causes, or trends, in society that have led to our lifestyle of isolation: 1) Relocation and 2) Watching 25+ hours of TV a week. While we may not be able move back to where the majority of our family lives, I'm convinced we can do something about the amount of television we watch. Have every family in your small group count the hours of television they watch or video games they play this coming week.

Next week, present a combined total of hours for your whole group. Then ask, "How else could we spend that time to actively build relationships? With out families, our group, and our neighbors?"
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Will connects the individualistic lifestyle with spiritual disease, stress, and health problems. He said that fixing the relational problem will alleviate the psychological and spiritual problems.

How can psychological, physical, or spiritual problems be healed in or through the members of your small group? Maybe it's an issue of accountability...meeting someone at the gym early in the morning, or for coffee once a week to check in. What else can you do? Be creative.
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