Russ Robinson – Four Factors For a Healthy Small Group Ministry (For Pastors)

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Launching and maintaining a small group ministry is no easy task. In this clip, Russ Robinson, Director of Ministries & Small Groups at Willow Creek in Chicago shares from his years of experience four factors that will help your church prepare for and create a successful small group ministry.

Russ mentioned 4 vital factors for small group ministry success:

1) Vision – clarity on where the church is going with small groups.
2) A Point Person – someone in charge to champion the vision.
3) Structure – care for leaders & leadership development.
4) Assimilation – how people flow into the group.

How is your church doing in each of these four areas? Do you have a clear vision and a point person that can share that vision with the church? Do you have structures in place to provide for the needs of leaders and group members? What areas need further work? In which areas are you strong?
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