The Certainty of Economic Uncertainty

Generous Giving Conference

In this 32-minute session from the Generous Giving Conference, Ron Blue speaks about the ongoing uncertainty of economic climates through time, offering encouraging words to believers who put their faith not in financial forecasts but in God who is in control. Ron is founder of Ronald Blue & Co., a financial planning service company. He is also author of the bestselling book, Master Your Money.

Early in his message, Ron gave two paradoxes related to our prosperity:
  1. The more you have, the more choices you have, the more confusion you live under.
  2. The more you have, the greater your fear of loss.

How have you experienced these tensions in your own life? When do you seem to feel them most?
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Ron put forward four fundamental, biblical economic principles that apply regardless of income.
  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Avoid debt
  3. Build savings for emergency
  4. Set long-term goals

Is there a principle (or principles) from Ron's list that you have found difficult to practice? What happens when any one of those elements is missing in your life?
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Ron explained that all financial decisions are rooted in spiritual realities. How do you see your faith impact what you choose to do with your finances? Give a few examples.
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Joy and humility are two key characteristics of a generous person. What are some characteristics of people who give, but who are not generous? What are some wrong motivations for giving?
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Our faith should impact every aspect of our life, especially our finances. How you spend your money, the debt you decide to take on, how you invest, and how you give away are all factors that are profoundly shaped by who we are in Christ. As Ron encouraged in his message, find financial advisors who understand what you want to do with giving and who understand how your faith impacts your financial decisions.

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