The Purpose of Small Groups with Mike Hurt

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I think it’s easy sometimes to lose focus on the whole purpose of small groups. We can get distracted with what makes our particular group unique, and forget that all small groups should serve the grand purpose of God’s Church. In this short clip, Mike Hurt, Senior Pastor at Parkway Church in Victoria, TX, reminds us of our true purpose.

I like the simple way Mike helps us remember four basic purposes for church and our small group.

  • 1. Head – grow in our knowledge of Christ.
  • 2. Heart – grow in love for God and for each other.
  • 3. Hands – serving with our hands.
  • 4. Feet – going on mission with God with our feet. 

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Take a moment to honestly evaluate your small group in the 4 areas above. In which areas are you strong? Which ones do you need to work on? What can you do this week to grow in either knowledge, love, service, or mission?
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