3 - The Biggest Stage in the World

Leading the Church

What are the requirements of being a good leader in the church? In this 30-minute session, JP Pokluda works from the story of David to give five fundamental requirements for being God's leader. JP is an Associate Teaching Pastor of Watermark Community Church and leader of The Porch, an influential young adults gathering in the Dallas area. 

"The answer to the why is a Who…"

When outsiders look at your life, do they question why you live your life the way you do? How does the way you live point to the "Who" you serve?
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1. To be God's leader requires patience.

Are there areas in your life and ministry where you are impatient? What are they? Who have you seen model patience well? What was unique about them?
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2. To be God's leader requires humility.

How can comparing your ministry to someone else's negatively impact your humility? How do you fight against entitlement?
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3. To be God's leader requires courage.

How does an understanding of God's sovereignty help to diminish fear? When you begin to grow fearful, what Scripture verses help bring you confidence and courage?
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4. To be God's leader requires faith.

Are there areas of your ministry and leadership where you are prone to operate out of your own strength/ability instead of out of faith in God's abilities? If so, what are they? What grows you dependence on Him?
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5. To be God's leader requires grace.

Chances are, you've failed in a number of ways in your leadership. You've made mistakes you wish you could get a second chance at. How does experiencing God's grace in those circumstances better help you lead others through their missteps?
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It's not about you. It's so easy to get wrapped up in thinking that we are the source of our success, or that we are the source of our lack of success. Ultimately, being God's leader is about Jesus. He must be the Who behind your why.