How to Have an "Acts" Community featuring Mark Batterson

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I love gathering together as a church on Sunday mornings…worshiping God with our voices and in prayer, and learning about Him through the sermon. But attending corporate worship alone isn’t enough for us to grow spiritually. In this 2-minute video, Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., reminds of the need for small groups and highlights some of their advantages.

Mark mentioned three specific benefits of small groups: meaningful prayer, open conversations, and the ability to follow rabbit trails as the Spirit leads. Do these characterize your group? List other benefits you see in a small group.
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Mark said that if we want to be a biblical or an “Acts” community, we need small groups. Read Acts 2:42–47. What were some of the ways listed in these verses that the early church demonstrated Christ’s love to each other (especially 46 & 47)? How can their example inspire your group?
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In Acts 2:45 it notes that the early Christians sold their possessions and gave to anyone who had need. How can this verse inspire your group to think beyond yourselves? Take some time this week to think about how your group might reach out to others in your church and in your community.

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