The Power of Small Groups with John Burke

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Each week, as you look around at the members in your small group, do you ever wonder what exciting things God has planned to do through your group? In this short video, John Burke, Lead Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, TX, shares his testimony of how God used a small group to radically change his life.

I love John's story. Because of the faithfulness of a small group leader, John came to faith in Christ. And now, God is using John to lead a thriving church in Austin, TX. And even though he's the Senior Pastor, he still attends a small group. How could God use your group to bring people to Christ? How might your group grow to include non-believers?
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I want to encourage you to hang in there. Leading a small group can be challenging, but the relationships you are building and the life transformation that God wants to do in and through you makes it all worth it.