Two Keys to Successful Leadership

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If you want to successfully lead, you have to be willing to serve like Jesus. Listen to Jenny Boyett, Director of Assimilation for Small Groups at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA, as she challenges us to focus on what really matters.

Jenny said that to be a good leader you have to first be a good student. How teachable are you? In what areas would you like to grow (Bible knowledge, leadership, theology, communication, etc.)? In addition to these RightNow Training sessions, list three things you can do to continue to grow as a leader?
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Jenny also gave us a second key to successful leadership, and that was being actively involved with the people you lead...having your sleeves rolled up. Someone once said, "People won't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." What are some ways you can "get in the trenches" with your people this coming week?
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